Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What is BBK?

 Yesterday after returning from WalMart with some seeds and greenhouses (What's Her Name is going to garden this year!) there was the most horrific screaming coming from under one of the trees right next to the driveway.  Dad thought it was a mouse and went to investigate and found nothing unusual, except for some fuzz.  Then the screaming started again- What's Her Name investigated and found BBk at work.  BBK is Baby Bunny Killer, and the baby bunny was found breathing hard, eyes still shut.  She made Dad put it back into its nest with its sibling.  Fur had flown everywhere!  The culprit was NOT Puddles, but her clever and sneaky imitator, Ginger.  She kept going back to finish off the poor baby, and Chip chased off its mama.  When the mama bunny came back, What's Her Name knew it was not a mouse being tortured, but a baby bunny.  We think the babies made it through the night- mama bunny was hanging around this morning.  Now, no one is allowed out onto the front lawn without a leash, since Ginger and Chip make a beeline for the tree.  Thai however goes his happy way to the grass to take care of business, but the BBK must be watched closely.

Dad thinks the attack happened because What's Her Name feeds us the rabbit kibble from Nature's Variety and Ginger became very fond of the taste.  Nevermind that What's Her Name mixes it with three other flavored kibbles to satisfy our taste buds- Dad insists that this is What's Her Name's fault!  (At least we get the low fat adult Innova kibble now- Baxter's favorite!  What's Her name did a huge Squeeee when PetSmart started to carry it last Saturday!)


Amber DaWeenie said...

Betters haves a long talk wit BBK...

I hope da bunnies are OK. Jus' remember....revenge is sweet. Look what happened to Frankie and da Charcoals!

Frankie Furter said...

Squeeeeeeeee a RABBIT RAID.. OH WAIT... What am I saying... I'm the one who LOVES baby bunnies.

WELL.. I'm thinkin that maybe these are not... furendly rabbits and that makes them FAIR GAME!!! get it??? GAME. I know fur a fact that those rabbits can ATTACK.

I think you did a Wonderful job of being a DACHSHUND. 87 Cheers!!!

3 doxies said...

Daaaaang it! I nevers gets to see bunnies around heres. All I gets to see is then blasted squirrels!!!

You does da breed proud...hehehe!


sprinkles said...

I love that top picture! Priceless!!!