Monday, February 14, 2011

Road Trip packing list

Inspired by a comment by our beloved Mayor of Blogville, Frankie Furter, What's Her Name is going to post the packing list that she uses to get our stuff together and in the car.  (Remember, her stuff is the non essential stuff!)

1)  Thai's camouflage throne
2)  Blankies- three for each dachshund
3)  Food- two cans per day, plus the kibble packed into a Lock n Lock cereal container
4)  Treats- ALL of them, and packed into Lock n Lock containers
5)  plastic spoons and paper bowls- What's Her Name picks these up the day before- cuts down on the dish washing
6)  Medications- already packed in a Lock n Lock container
7)  String cheese- so Thai will take his medications!  (put in car right before you leave)
8)  canned pumpkin- the kind without spices.  We take several cans, as dachshund indigestion is known to hit us and affect our partying
9)  Leashes and Hug a Dog harnesses-  dachshunds should be wearing a harness, and their leashes come along - readily available for pit stops
10)  Paper towels, vinegar, Cottonelle wipes- What's Her Name picks up an 8 pack of paper towels, a gallon of vinegar and 4 packages of the wipes, in case there are accidents at the hotel
11)  laundry baskets, pillows and beds- one per dachshund, used for the hotel and the car- We ride in the baskets in the back seat, until What's Her Name gives in and holds us on her lap in the front seat
12)  water and bowl- We have a special mug from WalMart that we use for our car water.  What's Her Name picks up a case of water for the trip, to lessen dachshund indigestion
13)  Clothing- we bring a couple of coats in case the weather changes
14)  green beans- our favorite car treat
15)  can opener and aluminium foil- to open cans and to make a cover for the refrigerator
16) face cloths dampened in water- in a baggie for the car
17) hand sanitizer
18) plastic or poop bags
19) belly bands and liners
20)  box of garbage bags and gallon sized ziploc bags- we like the kitchen size (for our trip and room garbage).  The ziploc bags we use for storing ice on the road.
21)  crate- optional
22) portable hand held fan- optional
23) hard sided cooler- we have one that we use only during the summer to store our food stuffs. 
24) Resolve rug cleaner for pet stains

Now, this seems like a lot of stuff, but it really isn't- The big items usually get stored in the roof top carrier, with the exception of the throne.  The blankets and pillows get stored in the laundry basket that Ginger and Chip are not using while they help Dad navigate.  Thai spends most of his time snoozing in his basket, well lined with his favorite blankies.  The food stuffs, bowls and spoons are packed into a large insulated tote, along with the can opener and the foil. What's Her Name has a small insulated tote for our green beans and for the face cloths and hand sanitizer.  The throne also has a storage area, where the poop bags and a roll of paper towels are stored.  The belly bands are stored in the back pocket of the throne with several liners, while the rest of the liners are stored in a Lock n Lock container with What's Her Name's toiletries.  Since we don't always have a refrigerator in our room, the canned food is not opened and we are forced to live on kibble.  If we have a fridge, we are properly fed.  The string cheese can be bought on location if needed. 

Dad and What's Her Name use Land's End tote bags for their stuff- clothing and toiletries, etc, but as you can see, we have them trained about our needs coming first.


Frankie Furter said...

That sounds like a very much comprehensive list to me. Now you can either have What's Her Name PRINT it off or write down the date of this post... fur future reference!!! THEY can be soooooo disorganized. hehehehe

Frankie Furter said...

Bark about being disorganized... I furgot to say two impawtant thingys.
Love Lock & Lock at my house too.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Whew! By da time you gets done packing, da trip will be ovr! But I Mom packs much da same things when we goes on a trip.

Happy Valentines Day! Have a nice trip!

Twix said...

Just stopping by to wish you a safe trip and a very happy Valentines day!
Twix and Taffy