Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mom's computer still stinks!!!!! NEver buy a Dell

And so the computer saga continues as we enter the fourth year of Dell ownership!!!!!  NEVER BUY A DELL!!!!!

Anyhoo- Ginger and I finally gave in and ate our dry kibble last night, but only after Mom and Dad brought our bowls to us on the couch.  My acting classes have come in handy- I pretended to be under the weather all day and hid under the bankies on the back of the couch all day, so Mom was frantic by dinnertime.  Mom will learn not to starve us, but again she gave us only dry kibble for breakfast.  We'll see who breaks first!!!!

Dad ran his LGB trains under the tree last night.  LOTS of stuffed animals under the tree, but not for us.  Santa Paws has not come yet, so we have to wait.  Hmmmm-  maybe we should keep eating the dry kibble!


Three Dogs Long said...

Hmm, that is too bad you're having trouble with your puter!
Our Momma has a Dell - and she just ordered a new one!

((hugs)) your friends
Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

Frankie Furter said...

Sorry that you are still having puter probs.. My mom has an HP desk top. She says it is her WORKHORSE. Don't know what that means exactly, butt... I'll bet I never get another Dell YapStop if this one goes off into the bluenowhere.
It must be a dachshund thing this time of the year. I tried a sneaky thing last night with my supper. I took all the "stuff" out and HID it in my bear play mat. Then TRIED telling mom my bowl was empty so that I could get a SNACK. No Mice... She saw the stash.
Sooooo, I guess we are going to have to eat what is "good" for us. If Santa Paws doesn't see.. our moms will. I'm just saying.