Thursday, November 5, 2009

November is here!!!

Right now, Ginger and Chip are recovering from their Howlowein exertions- Only one round of barking during trick or treating, but it is so difficult staying so good for two hours, didn't you know?

After morning Mass, whereby I am forced to abandon them for a whole 45 minutes, I am greeted at the door by half crazed dachsies who must walk me around the block. Smells must be investigated!!!! These walks have helped my back a little this week, so maybe the facet joint shots that I start tomorrow will work.

Chip is full of energy- just looking at him makes me tired. He jumps everywhere- onto the couch, onto our bed, onto me- he can get as high as my chest and I am 5'10. Our vet says that he is very athletic and in superb shape, so not to worry about his jumping or activity level.

Ginger is still a Daddy's Girl- loves to be waited on hand and paw, as is her royal prerogative. She loves to wear sweatshirts, and is doing well on our morning walkds, as long as it isn't wet outside.

While Geoff is at work, I am fully supervised- even while blogging onthier behalf- both are curled up in the chair, which makes typing challenging, as they wiggle about and try to get me to hold both of them

We have been raking the leaves in the backyard, and making mad dashes through the piles, jjst to see who is buried in the piles. Squirrels have been spotted and cahsed away from the Dachshund Kingdom, so we are quite safe from an invasion.

We will be having a quiet weekend due to my medical issues, but I know something exciting will still happen- Dachshunds create their own mischief and these two are master and mistress in this house.

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Frankie Furter said...

It sounds as though you two are having some FALL FUN in the leaves. I like them too... as long as they aren't WET. As you well know, we dachshunds don't like anything wet...or cold. Have a super day. From your NEW FURend Frankie Furter