Monday, October 26, 2009

Vet visit

Today, we had our dreaded vet visit- Chip's first since he became head of the family. The veterinarian, Dr. Sternecker, is a doll. Ginger has an infection due to a growth over one of her upper teeth- said growth to be removed next month during her teeth cleaning. Nothing to worry about- it is a benign little thing that apparently is draining into her sinuses. Otherwise she is the picture of health at 16.1 lbs. She will be on antibiotics until her procedure, which could even clear up the growth comletely on its own. Her vet in Albany told me very little about it at all- Dr. Sternecker was concise and thorough in his explanation.

Chip weighs 14.2 pounds and is a perfect athletic little man. He was microchipped for my sake, and behaved perfectly during his exam. Due to his athletic ability, Dr. S thinks that back problems will probably not be in his future.

My heart almost failed when I paid the bill- no where near what I had expected- in fact, less than half.

FINALLY, a vet who knows dacksies!!!! (and he has a 15 month old French Bulldog)

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