Saturday, November 21, 2009


Seems that Mom and Dad's application to foster dachsies for DRNA might be approved. We heard from Dona Jo Snow, our foster mom, and it looks like we will be working with her as a dachsie refuge!!! I heard Mom tell Dad that we are going to need an industrial strength rug shampooer as the Dachsie Bot is wearing out. (The Dachsie Bot is the so called Spot Bot that gets dragged out every time one of us re-marks the rugs- yes, we are potty trained, but come on. Ginger is the bigger culprit here, and specializes in re-marking right after she has water or has come in from answering a call from nature) Dachshunds have sensitive bladders, didn't you know?

Dad had to work again last night, so we stayed up protecting Mom. We took turns under cover, so to speak, and got Mom up at 7 this morning when Dad got home. She gave us nice treats to thank us, while she fixed Dad some scrambled eggs and toast. Ginger supervised in the Mom Cave, and I got some shut eye on the back of the couch. Right now, Dad is getting some shut eye, and we are in the computer chair helping Mom on the computer. She keeps hinting that there really needs to be a bigger office chair made- like the bed there is barely any room for her in the chair!!!

Mom and Dad decided that the new dachsies are going to share our bed- something about being cruel and unusual punishment if this did not happen.

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Charlotte said...

Pawsome!! We hope you are approved; DRNA is always in need of loving foster homes!
Our Mom is a former member of DRNA and Canadian Dachshund Rescue!
We had a few foster brothers & sisters come stay with us (til Oskar put his paw down!!)

((hugs)) your friends
Oskar, Schatzi & Xena