Sunday, November 22, 2009


Finally a day of rest for us poor worn out dachsies with moxie!!!! Mom is finally done with this round of shots, so maybe she can move a little bit better and without as much pain. Dad is on call this weekend and we have not seen very much of him. The couch from IKEA (guard post number 1) is looking a little worse for wear- rumor has it that Mom will be washing out bankies!!!!

Last night, horror of horrors, we were fed dry food mixed only with water!!!! Have to file a grievance with the dachsie union. While the food was great, what about our canned food? Are we to be forever deprived? I overheard Mom plotting with Dad late last night- seems she wants to only feed us the canned food with our breakfast- something about an experiment to see if Ginger will eat the dry dog food alone. I smell a rat here- Tuesday afternoon she has to go to the vet to pick up a 24 can case of this yummy mix of pork liver, beef chicken and rice!!! I showed her- slept at the foot of the bed, without even touching her. Wonder if she knows why I did that? Will she crack under the strain?

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Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

YES!! The old standard... deprive them of our Personage. It gets 'em every time.
I think you should tell your mom about this Christmas thing... the joy of GIVING (good food) is supposed to be coming upon her....
Pee S... mention that Santa Paws is watching her. she had best stop that naughtyness... and soon.