Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life is so hard!!!!

Sorry that we have no pictures for the last two days- Dad "borrowed" Mom's camera for work today. I for one am glad since Mom has blown my cover!!! Ginger on the other hand seems to love having her photo taken and spread on the Internet. Me, I am just happy to sleep on Mom while listening to Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham on the computer. I have to catch up on my rest so that I can conduct my security inspections thoroughly. (Last night, Mom let in my girlfriend's father and I had to bark at him- it is my job, you know) Seems we may be going to downtown Medina for something called a Candlelight Walk and the lighting of the Christmas Tree. Mom is very excited about this, since she can't get to Columbus to see Sarah Palin tomorrow night.

IMAO, the sofas from IKEA are just perfect for dachsies. Mom and Dad bought one before they moved to Slingerlands, NY two years ago, and the back cushions are the best place for power naps. They fold down perfectly and are completely cushy- glad Mom was thinking of dachsies when she picked it out. Our couch has a denim slipcover which makes it easy to keep clean- treats and rawhide chewies can get messy. Also, if you don't install the feet, they sit on the ground, at the perfect height for dachsies to jump on and off without back injuries- it is hard for the humasn to get on and off, but they know who is boss around here!!! Also, the back cushions make it easy to go undercover while on duty- the mailman can't see me but I can still see him.

The new food is still very good- Ginger is eating hers, and I love it. Mom mixes it quite nicely and makes a nice gravy. Just wish she would leave out the glucosamine tablets (I let Ginger have mine)

Last night I slept on Mom's chest while she tried to read a book- I have never done this before and it was nice. She did not realize that I was really pulling surveillance and protecting her from the local squirrel and chipmunk mafia.

Hopefully will have photos from tomorrow night. Mom has her last round of bilateral facet joint shots for her arthritic spine tomorrow, so will have to make sure she gets some rest today. She never lsitens, but what can you expect from a two legger?


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

You have some very difficult jobs there. Keeping mom safe from neighbor people and... the squirrel and munk mafia. I know about those duties. I have the same ones. I don't think these two leggers realize how difficult life is for a little dachshund (or two).

Charlotte said...

We totally understand the difficult tasks you face, protecting our Momma's is serious business!
The mice mafia have integrated into our small wood pile - buidling a cosy nest for the winter months - til Xena flushed them out!
Thank dawg we are in total control of the situation!!

((hugs)) your friends
Oksar, Schatzi & Xena