Friday, January 26, 2018

So far so good!!!

2018 is starting off better than 2017 ended, but just by a hair

Sweetie is doing better- she will always walk like a drunken sailor but she is walking!  Her food allergies have returned to a degree.  The expense of her kibble outweighs the fact that no one will eat it so we are looking into less expensive options.

Anna Rose fell out of bed a week ago to our shock- she sleeps at the foot of the bed on top of several pillows, between us so this something that we never thought could or would happen.  WHN took her outside and she appeared fine, but when we officially started our day an hour later, she screamed bloody murder.  Of course crate rest began and we got her to the vet for X-rays.  These revealed that she has several fused vertebrae in her upper spine, probably genetic, and several disc issues in her lower back.  The X-rays also revealed that her heart is twice its normal size and that she is in he early stages of CHF.  When the vet used his stethoscope, he heard a great deal more liquid gurgling than the X-rays revealed. So we now are experiencing the joys of crate rest, a severely reduced diet as the vet wants her to lose four pounds, and lots of medicines!!!

To top everything off, the Dachshund twincesses have been making Sweetie’s life uncomfortable- laying claim to her beds and peeing or pooing on them so WHN has even more laundry to do.  Snoopys has been doing well and is very clingy.  Shockingly both Anna and Tasha want WHN to wear them in the sling- they have never liked this before!

So please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!


Cupcake said...

You've got your hands full - There's no denying that! Prayers that all goes well and 2018 gets easier as the days go by. Hang in there.

Love and licks,

Sheltie Times said...

Lots of prayers for an easier year.