Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New fundraiser for benny!!!! Courtesty of Stella Rose! AND POTP Alert- WDA and The Mighty Quinn

Our BFF Pug friend in Iowa, Miss Stella Rose, is raising money for our beloved Frenchie, benny, who is Fighting liver cancer and winning!  Please read the below pasted article and please donate for a chance to win fabulous prizes!  Bidding ends 23 August 2013


Over the weekend we were a checking up on Benny and saw that they have reached their halfway mark in their fundraising event.  We also noticed it was slowing down a little and Benny isn't done with his shots yet.  Its a good thing us four-leggers step up when the two-leggers get tired isn't it!  For instance in Alaska who is pulling  with those bob sleds...yep its the four-leggers pulling the two-leggers along the way.

Anyway Mom and I thought and thought and thought all weekend about what we need to do to help Benny, Lily and their Momma and we came up with a IOWA MYSTERY BOX.  See Saturday is my gotcha day and we decided to celebrate this by filling up this box with items ONLY found here in IOWA and mostly items from the LOCAL ARTISANS.  Did you know we live in VAN BUREN COUNTY IOWA and if you read Midwest Magazine we are often featured in it as a great place to go and relax, AND do a little shopping.  We have 7 villages with lots of local what the heck...we are asking them to donate an item to our mystery box and we will send it with us taking care of the shipping.  We are so sorry our friends that do not live in the USA cannot participate cos of the shipping cost.

Each day we will give you a peek into what item we have added to the box and some info about the artist.  Sometimes it will be a little item ...sometimes a bigger item.  Sometimes we will have a big story ...sometimes a little story.  We are raffling this box off at $10.00 and your name will go into a hat, and MOM said I Could pick the name out since it is my gotcha day present.  Folks, it will be well worth the $10.00!  So, put your starbucks money up for the week, and keep your treat monies handy and bid on this box for our friend Benny!

You can send the money to FUND ME at Benny page, or send Mom an email at letting her know you will be sending her the money directly.  We are going to be picking the winner on August 23rd ....stay tuned.

Please share this information on your blog also...i hope we have lots of bidders.

Tomorrow we will unveil the first item!
Stella Rose

We are also grieved to inform Blogville that our beloved BFFS the White Dog Army, The Mighty Quinn, has been afflicted by seizures.  Unfortunately the prognosis is not the best and we hope and pray that Blogville will leave POTP at their  blog- The White Dog Army and their pawrents are simply the best and have always been there when someone in Blogville has needed a shoulder to cry on- just ask What's her Name!


stellaroselong said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you AGNES for posting about this mystery box for BENNY!!!! That was just we added a new item called FUDGE to it!
We are also sending POTP over to your friend at White Dog Army. We sure hopes they get better.
stella rose

Unknown said...

Great idea from Stella Rose. Nice one. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Two French Bulldogs said...

You guys sure make me feel good.
Thank you friends
Benny & Lily

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

It is a great idea and we are trying to get Lady to move to the US. Lee and Phod

Sully said...

Hey thanks so much for stopping by and say hi.
Aroo to you,

Little Miss Titch said...

I hope this raises lots of muller for Benny,he's a cute fun pup,xx Speedy