Saturday, August 24, 2013

HAve you VOTED yet???

Today is the LAST DAY for Blogville to vote!!! The Voting begins in this year's Pets on quilts contest ends tonight at midnight!!!  There are a total of 88 contestants this year so VOTE for your favorite!!!!!    There are prizes for the top vote getter in each of the six categories, as well as for commenters!  (Remember, Blogville's very own Miss Shelley, mom of Newby, Milo and Dixie won a commenter prize last year!)

This year, Blogville has three, count them, THREE entrants!  WHN (contestant #5) in the Cats on Quilts category, Sweet William the Scot (contestant #55) in the Dogs on Quilts Category, and Ranger (contestant #19) the Scottie in the Art Quilts Category!  

 According to the rules, you may VOTE only once, in each individual category, by leaving a comment at the link with the name of the category followed by the number of your entry-  (eg- if voting for WHN in the Cats on Quilts category, you would leave a message stating Cats on Quilts category #5. If voting for Ranger you would put Art Quilts #19;  if voting for Sweet William the Scot in the Dogs on Quilts category you would put Dogs on quilts #55) 

Click HERE  to see all of the entries!

Spread the word on your blogs, leave comments for each contestant and don't forget to vote!

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Unknown said...

Oh man!!!!! I forgot to vote!! I have been so busy on housework that I forgot! =( Please forgive me!