Sunday, August 25, 2013

CAlling all Blogville! VOTE NOW!!!! 2nd Annual Dogs of Blogville Contest

It’s Here!!

It’s time!  It’s time!!  The 2nd Annual Dogs of Blogville Contest has now begun.
First I’d like to say a really BIG thank you to Julie from the Daily Dog Blog, she’s worked so hard resizing all the photos so they would work nice on the blog.  She will also be the one who handles all the technical details of the design and upload of the calendar.  She is truly one amazing lady and a really good friend. Make sure you stop by and say hi.
So this is it.  We’ve crossed our i’s and dotted our t’s t’s and dotted our i’s. We’ve been as thorough as we can be and we’ve learned a few things along the way and I’m sure we’ll learn a few more things in the next week.  In fact, I think I’m going to make a page specifically for this contest.  Hopefully next year will run much smoother for us. :-D
This is the voting portion of the Dogs of Blogville Calendar contest.  It’s all about YOU and how YOU promote your dogs/blog.
Here’s how it works.  You tweet, facebook, blog whatever you want but direct people to come and vote for your photo.  The photo with the most votes will be on the cover AND will get their choice of which month they’d like to be featured in.  I have to forewarn you, last year’s winner All Things Collie really brings their A game, this lady is hardcore. :-)
The next eleven photos with the top votes will be featured in order (minus whatever month the winner chooses.)
All participating dogs will be featured in the calendar on the back page(s).
After the voting process is complete, we will give you information about ordering.
It’s not so much a popularity contest as much as it is you getting the word out and having people come and vote.
I’ve tried to organize everything alphabetically but I’m human and I can make mistakes, if you see one please let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it.
One more quick note before I turn you loose to look at photos.  You will notice that there are two blogs in the list that don’t have photos.   I’ve contacted both blogs and am giving them another day to get their photos in, if I don’t have have their photos by Monday, I will sadly have no other choice but to remove them from the competition.
About the voting process.  Voting opens today at 12:00 noon Eastern Standard time (NYC) it is limited to one IP ADDRESS per 24 hour period.   For those of you with multi-computer households it is important to remember that any smart phone, tablet, computer that shares a network also shares an IP address.  If you vote on your computer then try and vote on your phone, chances are it won’t work, unless you disconnect from your network. If someone tells you they tried to vote and they can’t, then that is probably the issue.
The voting tool is AFTER the photos, all you do MOM is scroll down to the little circle next to Sampson and Delilah’s name and click it.   The move down to the button that says VOTE and click that.  Easy Peasy!!
Here is the list of participating dogs along with their blogs.
Alma and Moses from Back Alley Soapbox
Bella from I Still Want More Puppies
Bella from Bringing Up Bella
Benny and Lily from Two French Bulldogs
Blueberry from Spotty, Spotty, Polkadotty
Bunny from Tales and Tails
Cupcake from No Dog About It
Dakota from Dakota’s Den
Desmond from Life With Desmond
Dougall and Alex from The Dougall Diaries
Emma from My GBGV Life
Frankie and Ernie from FRANKly and ERNESTly Speaking
Freckles from A Day In The Life Of A Goose
Gizmo from Terrier Torrent
Greta, Bailey, and Hazel and from Idaho PugRanch
Hailey and Zaphod from The Hailey and Zaphod Chronicles
Kolchak Puggle from Kol’s Notes
Lassiter Chase and Benjamin from Lassiter Chase and Benjamin the Shelties
Lily and Muffin from The Doxie Life of Lily, Muffin and their Humans
Lola and Lucy from Wear. Wag. Repeat
Maya from American Dog Blog
Molly from Molly the Wally
Norman from Sand Spring Chesapeake’s
Pippa from Pippa Sheltie
Ranger from The Adventures of Ranger – The Scottie Pup
Reilly and Denny from The Cowspotdogs
Rita from Pooch Smooches
Roxy from Roxy the Traveling Dog
Ruby from Me, You and Zu
Ryder from All Things Collie
Sampson and Delilah from Heart Like a Dog
Sasha from Silly Sasha the Loveable Shih Tzu
Shiloh and Diva Shasta from TEAM BEAGLEBRATZ
Shiva from Rescued Insanity
Susie “Sweetie Petunia” of The Mad Scots
Teach from Tails of Teach
Winston from The Winston Blog
Wrigs from Life with Wrigs: hike, play, eat, nap!
Click on any photo to enlarge it.
As you can see the photos are amazing, I’m so impressed with all of your photography skills and feel woefully inadequate in my feeble attempts.
Have you decided on your favorite?  Okay!  Then vote!
(Just a reminder, if you don’t have a dog in this contest, Sampson and Delilah would sure love your vote.) :-D

You can vote only once per day, per IP address!  We are splitting our votes between Snoopy's love, Muffin, and Tahsa's love Shiloh!  

Remember, Frankie and Ernie were in last year's calendar and there were only 20 entries.  This year there are 36!  Don't forget to vote for your favorite! 


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

This is just SOOOOOOO exciting... and such a fine cause.. helping our buddy Benny.

We love this!!!

Two French Bulldogs said...

This sure is exciting every buddy
Benny & Lily

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

There is some good competition going! What matters the most is selling a lot of calendars to help our friend Benny! Lee and Phod