Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pssst! We has a secret!

Look what is coming to Blogville!  Our very own MALL!!!  Have you been saving up your bones and treat moneys?  

OMD!!!!  We are simply busting with our secret!  Snoopy, is WHN around?  No?  Good-  Here it is!  Dad got a business license for us here in Missouri so we can properly snoopervise WHN and make extra treat money!  that is right- we are the official Dachsies With Moxie Custom Embroidery Shoppe, located right here in sunny Missouri, on the banks of both the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers! No company logo or website yet, but we will be offering loads of embroidered goodies for all our BLogville friends!  Scarves, mouse pads, ornaments, cards, card holders, coffee sleeves, you name it!  Christmas is right around the corner!  AND we of course will still be offering our world famous quilts and placemats- they are the very first items in our PBM shoppe!  

Our Aunt Cindy, Mom to Millie and Walter has a fabulous post on her blog, but WHN is lazy so has copied and pasted it here for us to read :

Coming Soon – The Pet Blogger Mall!

Have you heard all about the upcoming Pet Blogger Mall? Ever been surfing all over the internet looking for just that perfect gift but couldn’t find what you were looking for? Do you like to support fellow pet bloggers? Well we have the answer for you. The Pet Blogger Mall will be opening soon and will be a gateway to a wide variety of items created by your fellow bloggers.
The Pet Blogger Mall was founded by several pet bloggers to create the perfect option for online shopping: an all encompassing outlet showcasing the creative works offered for sale by pet bloggers worldwide. With so many retail options out there, it is a way of supporting and promoting the work of the pet blogging community.
Keep up to date with new developments at the Pet Blogger Mall by following the PBM Blog. If you become an official follower you can also win a fabulous prize courtesy of the Crabby Girls.
But wait there’s more! Stay tuned for a Sneak Peek Shopper Day!
The shops are beginning to be set up in the Mall and we need You to test out our Shopping System.  After the first five Shops are ready to go we’re going to Open the Doors for ONE DAY ONLY.
You can Window Shop or You can Shop Shop – it’s up to you.
PBM will be including the SECRET CODE on the Sneak Peek Shopper Day post – you’ll only be able to use it for One Day and then it will no longer work. So keep an eye on the Mall - you won’t want to miss the Day of Sneak Peek Shopping Fun!
dog bone - fleece - medium - 9 in catnip fish
One of the featured shops available on the Sneak Peek Shopper Day will be my Etsy shop Cindy’s Thread Craft where you can find a variety of pet toys and bags that can be custom designed just for you.
Weimaraner Clutch in Faux Suede
Weimaraner Clutch in Faux Suede
Make sure you don’t miss out all the new developments at the Pet Blogger Mall by becoming a follower of the PBM Blog and you might just win a prize too!

Isn't Aunt Cindy talented?  We LOVE her stuffies and WHN has several of her faux suede clutches and swears by them!  Always has one in her pocketbook! 

So rush on over and support the PBM!


stellaroselong said...

We signed up to follow the mall also, congrat's on the new business you do a wonderful is always showing off her placemats!
stella rose

Unknown said...

This is going be great as now we can all find who has what to sell. Brill. Looking forward to seeing your shop. Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

Millie and Walter said...

Hey DWM our mom says it's okay for WHN to copy her post. The more that see it the better. Congrats on your new official business. We hope you make lots of treat money.


Millie & Walter

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

so excited! Trying to get my blog up to par!!! Thanks for following me!

HH and The Boys said...

So glad you are oing to be in the PBM. It's gonna make it much easier to find folks.

Have a great day.

hugs, Bugsy and Knckles

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

SUPER POST... We are so excited we can hardly even NAP.

WHN will have a WONDERFUL shop in the Mall. YOU KNOW that WE ♥ love ♥ her work!!!

Two French Bulldogs said...

We're going to shop till we drop.
Benny & Lily