Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pentecost Sunday in St Louis!

Checking out Dad's gardening prowess
 Today is a very hot day here in St Louis.  We have been enjoying our backyard and helping Dad with the lawn care, and this week Dad finally transplanted the 87 million tomato plants that he bought late last month at the parish plant sale.  We are going to have 87 tons of cherry tomatoes just for us!  WHN and Dad will have to suffer with Roma and beefsteak tomatoes.  As you can see, we are avid gardeners and are checking out Dad's work

View from our back door- we do not have a large yard and ours is not fenced.


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD OMD OMD your garden areas are gonna pawduce 87 BAZILLION delicious thingys fur you to eat.. and even Share with WHN and Mr. Geoff.

It looks FABULOUS... we ♥ it!!

Millie and Walter said...

You guys are going to have tomatoes coming out of your ears! We hope you like eating them.

Millie & Walter

GOOSE said...

Yumm Yumm I LOVE cherry tomatoes.

Anonymous said...

Those tommy toes look delicious! He a great evening!

Dachshund Nola said...

Nice tomatoes! We have some that have been giving tomatoes since late last summer and are still going strong.

Unknown said...

Wow, you guys are gonna have a lot of healthy veggies. It must be great to have humans who have green thumbs!

Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

K9 Katastrophie said...



Unknown said...

We agree the toms look yummy. Have a marvellous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

It's gonna be hot here in Michigan today and it is waaay too early to be THIS HOT!

stellaroselong said...

so we noticed that you use red buckets for your tomato plants so do you put holes in them first? And then do you move them around so they get sun?
we have a really shady yard and wondered if our green buckets would work just as well? as you can tell mom gardens like she cooks!
stella rose

Lisa said...

Our mom planted grape tomatoes for her and dad, she didn't know that we would pick everyone that our little legs could reach! We love tomotoes!!!