Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Well, the floor in the living room is still not done- lots of delays that are starting to upset Mom.  So, we sent Mom and Dad to WalMart yesterday (Dad got home from work at 2 AM!!!)  to do the people food shopping.  We told Dad to get Mom a really nice gift from us- he picked out The Muppet Movie, which is now one of our faves.  We watched it last night while Dad snored and Mom curled up with us on the couch- Dad was there also, but we had MOM!!!  When Dad came home from running the railroad, he found us sprawled on his side of the bed and MOM actually had her side for herself.  We told Dad it was because Mother's Day was Sunday and Mom needed her rest.

Today we had our walkies and we were not as good as we should have been (except for Thai). Mom put us in the kitchen so she could go to the pool without having to worry about us getting into the flooring stuff.  Did we show her!!! When she came home, Thai and Chip met her at the door while Ginger stayed in the kitchen, just in case. 

Tonight we get to sleep on brand new sheets and are going to watch Iron Man which Mom bought for Dad.  (She also bought him a Tom and Jerry dvd, which was funny)  We hear that Dad might be getting a new tv and dvd player for Christmas from Mom and us!!!  (He usually gets train stuff for his layout, but Mom thinks he should have this instead- maybe the train stuff will be for his birthday in November.  All bets are off if there is really good "Christmas Story" stuff available- MOm tries to get Dad this too.

Mom did NOT forget our greenies yesterday or today!!!!

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Lorenza said...

Watching movies with Mom and Dad sure is a great way to spend a day!
Kisses and hugs