Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crate Training

We were bad, so bad yesterday.  After Sistine Steve left, with the living room half done, Ginger left a puddle on the padding that is under the Pergo flooring. (Mo was making dinner, ham and cheese macaroni, and missed Ginger's signal that she had to GO) Mom had to cut it out and clean and repaint the plywood.  Two hours later, she did it again, ON THE SAME SPOT!!!  This time, the puddle seeped under the flooring put in yesterday, causing major panic.  THEN Thai left a puddle on the same spot, while Dad was in PetSmart buying a cage for Ginger.  Sistine Steve came over and took out the flooring affected by puddling, and Mom cleaned it with Nature's Miracle and repainted twice to make sure that it doesn't happen again.  Ginger stayed in the crate till bedtime, when she slept in the big bed.  This morning, the crate is in the kitchen and BOTH Ginger and Thai are esconsed in it.  What is Mom supposed to do now? 

Mom put in our blankies and crate liners that we used in the car, so we are comfy, and covers the crate with blankets to keep us toasty warm.  She gave us our greenies this morning, but still-  We don't know for how many days (87 thousand?) we have to use the crate thingy, but Dad is even more upset than Mom and she is NOT HAPPY with us today. 


A MilShelb Mom said...

oh no! crates! You'd better start being good. We don't have crates... but that is because we hurt ourselves on them when we were puppies... and so now Mom and Dad are afraid to leave us in them. Good luck!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Ooooops.... you guys are gonna have to get a BELL to hang by the door so mom can HEAR you asking to go out.
Sorry you got in trouble.
Maybe you have a kidney infection or something.

Lorenza said...

My mom would be mad with me if that happened here!
Be patient and soon you all will be free to walk around!
Kisses and hugs