Saturday, February 20, 2010

PetSmart Saturday

Mom and Dad took us to PetSmart today- it was Thai's first such venture!!!  On the way in we met (and Thai fell in love with) the most beautiful miniature long furred dachsie.  Thankfully Frankie Furter Price was nowhere to be seen- we have seen the effect he has on unsuspecting female dachsies.  We kept seeing her inside too.  And then we met a short furred male mini.  Must have been Dachsie Day at Petmart.  We of course got more Breathbusters and the rawhides wrapped in chicken jerky.  We were the models of decorum on our leashes and Mom promises to post photos tomorrow!!!

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Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Oh How wonderful. Thai got to go shopping. I'm very much glad that it went well for him!!! You go guy. A N D he met a GIRRRRL. Wooooie. Chip I am so proud of you to let T. get a chance for a little romance!!! Heck it's only 51 more weeks until Valentine's Day comes again. Gotta be ready.
Thai must think he has moved to Dachshund Heaven. I'm sooooo happy for him.

Pictures tomorrow!!! Can't wait.