Monday, November 9, 2009


Yesterday Geoff and I, well supervised by Ginger and Chip, spent three hours raking up the copious supply of leaves in the backyard. Actually, I watched while Geoff did the hard stuff, and I attempted to keep our dachsies out of trouble. Both Ginger and Chip were in their glory- rolling in the leaves and jumping through the piles to get to the other side. In the backyard we have two large maple trees, which blessed our yard with thousands of leaves, and Geoff raked and dragged, via a tarp, to the front yard for pickup. In the front we have a magnolia, and its leaves are the same color as Chip, who relished rolling in them- he prefers these leaves to the maple. Ginger rolled in whatever she could, and then was off on one of her secret agent missions into the neighboring yards. Can anyone say "The Great Escape"? Wait until our cats arrive dor Christmas- Bear is an orange tabby with a very short tail who obviously thinks he is Squadron Leader Bartlet in feline form, and who also believes he is a dachsie. Liffey is definitely feline. What a great Christmas this will be!

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Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Hi Ginger and Chip, It sounds like you had a PAWsome day making your pawrents rake up leaves. Good going guys. I hope that you two will join me in writing your ADOPTION stories for posting on Thanksgiving Day.