Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 3!!!!

So, we have survived to the end of our third week as an IVDD family!!!!!

Sweetie is showing fantastic signs of improvement! None of which involve food, btw.

While she is outside taking care of business, she is attempting to stand on her rear legs, by using her rear knees to raise herself up.  She is also using her rear knees to move around on the grass and does not drag herself as much outside.  Inside, her happy personality has returned, albeit incontinent and dragging herself around instead of running around as her former self did.

We are going to have to get her a larger crate for when I am gone at the local convent or when I am gone for Adoration- the current one, which met her former needs, does not allow her to turn around without difficulty.  It is also difficult to get her out without causing her distress, which is why her crate rest is now occurring on her Coolaroo beds only. As long as her pack is in the room with her, she stays put. However, if either Geoff or I leave, all bets are off.

This past week, she has returned to greeting us at the front door after Mass, having dragged herself to be with her dachshund siblings.

Her incontinence continues- she is not telling us when she needs to go, so our only "tell" from her is when she is licking her hind quarters and rear legs, after she has urinated.  At least the pee pads are helping- we have them under her bed so she does not have that to worry about.

The Ginger Lead had been simply wonderful- even with my back issues, I am able to get her outside safely!!!!She is able to walk around with the lead, and we work on stacking her feet properly to improve muscle tone in her legs and feet. She appears to like the lead and never fights it when I put it on her.

This past week, starting July 5th, I no longer sleep on the couch in the family room with Sweetie. The entire pack, four leggers and two leggers, are now sleeping in their big bed! Sweetie of course, has her own bed next to me, and is not only sleeping through the night, but is not urinating either! This has helped bring down the stress levels for all parties!

Sweetie is still a happy love, and while she knows that she is unable to walk and run as before, is not letting this challenge dampen her spirits in any way-she is remarkable . Geoff and I still are struggling, but that is probably due to her size- we never expected her to go down, and so were not prepared for that but were for the possibility of one of the dachshunds going down.

We learn more every single day and I am doing more research- once we have the money for her cart, next up is the wheelchair ramp and then a stock tank for the backyard to use for water therapy. 

Have to go-need to order more pee pads for some reason!


Millie and Walter said...

We're so glad to hear Sweetie is doing better and are keeping our paws crossed that she continues to improve.

easyweimaraner said...

that are super news... and it is like a miracle!!! we cross our paws and we send prayers that the good news continue...

Anonymous said...

All tiny improvements are good. Sleeping through the night is huge! Hang in there, S. Stay strong.

Love and licks,