Monday, July 31, 2017


 As you can see, WHN is no longer capable of keeping track of what week we are in of Sweetie's IVDD journey (it is Week 5)  So far she is doing fine but depressions is making its ugly way into her life and we are not surprised to see it.  Sweetie is not interested in going outside and exploring , just wants to sit or lie on her bed and sleep all day- she doesn't even sit up when she needs to "go". 

No these photos are not indicative of this new phenomena- they were taken this morning after WHN and Dad returned from an emergency run to McDonald's to use the facilities- the water main on our street is broken so we have no water so we all no what that means!  We went outside and Sweetie had been on her bed, BUT when the pawrents returned had messed her bed and after it had been changed by WHN simply refused to go back on the it- wanted to stay on the floor and rug and is still there
 two hours later!

It is getting easier moving her around with her GingerLead , with her booties and using the Gorilla Grip bedding on her beds.  Her depression will be a new challenge, especially since we already live with WHN and her episodes.  This past weekend the weather was actually livable so we had Sweetie outside on the grass and she appeared to enjoy being in her yard again- tonight we are going to rig up the dolly and pull her around the yard to give her the feel of being mobile .

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stellaroselong said...

We are so sorry about this, we know it is heartbreaking to watch. She is lucky to have so much love in her life. Mags

Millie and Walter said...

We have our paws crossed that Sweetie will feel better soon. Those trips outside will surely brighten her mood.

Anonymous said...

No water! Gah! That's not going to make things easier! Bummer about depression - human or doggie. Is Sweetie a candidate for doggie Prozac? Riding around the yard sounds like a good idea. That would make me smile. ....unless I was afraid of the dolly. ...or afraid of the yard. ...or afraid of the blankets.

Love and licks,