Tuesday, May 17, 2016

BIDDING WARS, Tuesday Edtion! And a NEW ITEM ADDED!!!!!

The pressure is certainly building here in Blogville!!!  The back and forth bidding is getting intense-  

Casey is now the high bidder on Item 17, the car set, with a high bid of $20.00!

Cupcake has come from behind on Item 2- the gift certificate- her new bid is $35.00!!!!

And now our newest item debuts!  Made by a Facebark friend of WHN- Miss Shawn is owned by wirehaired dachshunds with whom she competes at Earth Dog trials in and around Missouri and Illinois.  She is also a talented quilter and machine embroideress! 

 Introducing Item 28- pawsonalized mini tote!  Details provided by Mis Shanw herself!  Agnes, I will donate a mini tote to your Help Lily beat cancer auction. It will be color and coat of Winner's Choice. Here is a picture of samples so they know what I can make for them. Item to be made after I return from vacation. If item goes for over $25 I will cover shipping.

Opening bid is $15.00


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

We ASSUME that our bid on the other item is still good... butt will Bid $15.00 on this Dachshund Tote....

Lovable Lily said...

Another very generous donation! Thank you.

Lily Belle

Herbie said...

Will bid $18 on the Dachshund tote

Agnes B. Bullock said...

Herbie, the highest bid is 20.00 as of last night