Saturday, May 21, 2016

BIDDING PUPDATE!!!! Instructions for paying for your winning items!!!

Item 1- 25.00 bid from Frankie and ERnie
Item 2- the gift certificate- CUPCAKE RUBY $35.00  (updated May 17)
Item 3- Facebark bidder- 20.00 Phebe Howard
Item 4- 36.00 WHN
Item 5- 25.00 Sarge
Item 6- Facebark bidder- Pat Holcomb 5.00
Item 7- 25.00 Dory and Mama
Item 8- Crocheted white shawl-NO BIDS
Item 9- 30.00 WDA
Item 10- Facebark bidder- Anna Pettit-Bittenbender 30.00
Item 11- 30.00 WHN
Item 12- 27.00 Facebark Audrey Marqks  (updated 18 May)
Item 13- 15.00 from Ruby the Airedale (updated May 21)  
Item 14- 20.00 WDA
Item 15- Pink Zebra Owl and crystals- NO BIDS
Item 16- Dachshund key fob- 5.00 from the WDA  (updated May 21)
Item 17- Facebark bidder Pat Holcomb 21.00  (updated May 20)
Item 18-  30.00 WHN
Item 19- Hair care set - NO BIDS
Item 20- 8.00 Idaho Pug Ranch

Item 21- 25.00 Marty the Manx
Item 22- 25.00 Marty the Manx
Item 23- Hot dog figurine  10.00 Amber Da Weenie   (updated May 18)
Item 24- NO BIDS  belly band
Item 25- NO BIDS  bone hanger holder

Item 26- two tier display rack
Item 27- 30.00  Facebark Marilou Melendez  (updated May 18 4:48 CST)
Item 28- 30.00  Marilous Melendez facebark (updated May 18 4:48 CST)

Item 29- Dachshund tote -Frankie and Ernie 10.00 (updated May 21) 
Item 30- mini tote donated by Shawn Nies- High bidder is the WDA at $20.00!!! 

Auction total as of May 21, 2016 7:00 am CST is 526.00

Directions for payment are as follows:

you may pay via PayPal to WHN or personal check sent directly to Lily Belle's MOm.  You must email WHN as to which method of payment you will be using.  

If paying via PayPal, use WHN's email address and send the money as you would to a family member or friend- otherwise a service fee will be charged.  I will then notify the donor with your address for shipment.

If paying via personal check, I will send that information to you.  Once Kim has received the check and it clears, the donor will ship the item(s) that you have won.

concerning the gift certificate, please let WHN know if you want an email gift certificate or a plastic card one, and that will be ordered and sent as soon as payment arrives.

The auction does not close until tonight at midnight  CST, so the final winners list will post tomorrow by ten .  All winners have until May 28th to send their payments to either me or Kim directly.  Emails to the winners will go out tomorrow by noon CST- please acknowledge receipt so we know what to expect.

I apologize for the misnumbering of some items here and on Facebook.  And I apologize to Frankie and Ernie- I misapplied their tote bid to the incorrect tote


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

NO NEED to aPAWligize.... we have done these Auctions and they are Difficult to keep everythingy running. WE think you did a GRAND Job with this. Congratulations.
We will pay Miss Kim Directly... by Check...

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... Why does my name say CUPCAKE RUBY? Is somebody else bidding on my gift card?