Tuesday, May 10, 2016


The fur is flying fast and furiously here in Blgoville and over at the FACEBARK PAGE for Lily Belle's Auction!!!  There have been reports of bared teeth and growling as we are experiencing some issues- there are THREE BIDDING WARS!!!!!!

Current bids (as of 945 CST)

Item 1 - blue scarf donated by Mayoress Emerita Madi- 25.00 bid from Mayor Emeritus Frankie Furter and Ernie Von Schnitzel!

Item 3- two collars donated by Angel Shiloh and Shasta- 20.00 from Phebe Howard at Facebark!

Item 5- the July 4th wreath donated by the Stella Rose LOng-  25.00 from Sarge!

Item 7- turquoise earrings donated by the Idaho Pug Ranch-  25.00 from Dory and her Mama  (Mayoress Madi has been outbid!)

Item 10- Dachshund towels donated by Saundra Romanus- 30.00 bid from Anna Petit-Bittenbender of Facebark  (Mayor Frankie has been outbid)

Item 12- faux fur throw donated by Riley the Airdale- winning bid is the Foley Monster at 25.00 (Casey has been outbid)

New items will be posted in the next post!

Several people have asked about directly donating to Lily Belle's mom to pay the bills-  please feel free to do so- pm or email me and I have permission from Kim to giver you her address for this purpose!


Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

We put the green papers in the mail fur her. Thanks

Marg said...

We will bid $10.00 on Item #13. Our email is
Looks like a great auction.