Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sweetie Saturday!!!!

Good Morning, Blogville!!!!  Long time no hear but I, Sweetie, am here now to save the day!!!!

Now, some of the residents of Blogville may remember me as the next door neighbor of the DWM, but I have been a full fledged pack member since last May!  WHN and Dad had moved into this house over three years ago, and my then pawrents were owned by a beagle named Barney.  He went to the Bridge when he was 11 leaving my pawrents very sad.  So, Bud, my then Dad, had WHN take them to the local shelter where they found me!  I was only four years old at the time (I will be 7 sometime this year), and lived with Bud and Nancy for over two years, before both of them died.  Mom died first, in 2014, leaving me and Dad alone, and then Dad became very sick, going into the hospital five or six times last year.  Each time, I got to stay with the DWM.  Tasha did not like me very much, but Snoopy and Anna were my friends.  I would usually stay in the living room on the chairs and sleep on the floor next to the big bed.  Last May, during my fifth or sixth visit, it was very strange- Tasha actually liked me and got to know me!  Snoopy and Anna were still my friends, and I got to go on walks with WHN, when she wasn't in the hospital herself (long story!) One Sunday, during that visit, my Dad called and told WHN that he would be home the next day and to give me a big hug.  Only thing is, he died instead.  He had made arrangements for me to live with friends when this happened, except the day of his funeral, WHN and Dad were told that I had to stay with them as the plans were no longer any good.  As it happens, WHN and Dad suspected that plans might fall through and had always promised Nancy and Bud that I could live with them if need be.  So, I now am an official DWM dachsbeagle, a new breed of dachshund and beagle.  WHN and Dad are still learning about beagles, and while the DWM are always on the couch and the big bed, I have several coolaroo beds of my own all through the house.  I love long walks and being pet, and love to eat.  I sometimes want to be on the couch and the big bed, but not for long.  I help Snoopy protect our home and keep Tasha and Anna safe.  Anna is still my BFF in the pack- she and I share foodables and crates during the day- we are the only two pack members who like some privacy!.  

WHN was quite ill last year- she had five operations and spent a lot of time in the ers around St Louis- so much so that the nurses at two know her by name!  My coming to live with the family full time was a huge adjustment because of this, everything is ok as WHN is still rebuilding her strength, and she loves me to pieces.  I still am working on training Dad- with his job, he is very tired when he gets home and sometimes too tired for walkies, but he loves me to pieces too. 

This past Christmas, was my very first tree and lights!  the above photos are of me sitting with WHN- I rarely get up on her lap so she was very happy that I wanted to do so.  Snoopy is also on her lap, buried under the pink blanket protecting her from the arm of the chair.  I shared this duty with Anna and Tasha- we would alternate between Dad and WHN.  Christmas Day Dad took us in the car to look at the lights around St Louis and I love going for car rides! Because I am so big, I have to sit in the back, in a car seat, with Anna.  (Snoopy and Tasha get to sit on WHN's lap) 

I have food allergies, but WHN feeds us Natural Balance rabbit from the can mixed with the rabbit or the fish kibbly bits.  I have to eat in my crate as I tend to want to help do the dishes!  If we are only getting kibble, then I can eat with the dachsies in the kitchen!  I love my treats and Aunt Sue, Uncle Steve and the White Dog Army sent us grest treats for Christmas and I even shared! We get our treats at bedtime, so I make sure that WHN and Dad know exactly what time that is every single night!  My one bad habit is dumping the bathroom garbage- even hiding it in the tub does not stop me, but closing the bathroom dor does for now!  I love my family and spend all my time with them and I am a happy girl!  

Now, WHN and Dad want to take me for some taining, but have no idea what would work best for a beagle princess.  Anyone have any ideas?

Till next time, Blogville! 


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Hello SWEETIE... and WELCOME TO BLOGVILLE... You have yourself a FABULOUSLY FINE FAMILY... we know that from PAWSONAL Experience. You will have yourself a GRAND TiME here in Blogville.

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

We welcome you warmly to Blogville. We are sorry you lost your peeps but know you are in good hands now.

Millie and Walter said...

Welcome to Blogville Sweetie. It must have been sad to loose your pawrents but you sure landed in a great place to spend the rest of your life. We're also glad to hear that WHN is feeling better. We hope that in 2016 she never sees the inside of a hospital unless it is to visit someone else (and of course not Mr. Geoff either)

The Army of Four said...

Hi Sweetie! We're so sorry to hear about your first parents, but are so happy you're part of the Dachsies' family now!
Our mom grew up with Beagles. Apparently, they were homeschooled. Mom's only tip is to remember that Beagles are quite food-motivated!

White Dog Blog said...

Sweetie it is so wonderful to hear your Gotcha Story! Like most of life there were sad parts and happy parts but we can assure you that now, things will pretty much be perfectly happy! Glad you liked the treats and so excited that our MO cousins are finally all healthy and together.

Lovable Lily said...

Hi Sweetie,
We're so glad to hear you are fitting in so well with the rest of the DWM pack. We knew you would be accepted with open paws. Tell Mom she needs to take some pictures of all of you and put them up on FB. We haven't seen the Snoopster in quite a while and miss his handsome face.

Lily Belle & Muffin