Sunday, October 11, 2015

SNOOPY Pupdate

We were allowed to bring Snoopy home today.  He spent the last ten days in quarantine, and we visited him twice a day to walk him and to feed him.

He is not being put down.  The city has decided not to label him a dangerous dog due to his small size, but we are not going to take any chances.  SO, sometime in the next few months we will be moving!  Yes, we are moving into the house next door, Sweetie's stomping grounds, as it has a fenced in backyard, perfect for the DWM.  Sweetie's previous owners, now both deceased, wanted us to buy the house from their estate, for the simple reason that WHN took Bud to his doctor appointments every month.  We were shocked at this because we thought that we were simply doing a neighbor a favor. Every month WHN loaded up the pack and away we went- dropping Bud off at his doctor and then onto Burger King for a chicken nugget snack.  Snoopy and the rest of the DWM loved these trips to Burger King and loved sitting on Bud's lap to protect him from the other cars on the road- Tasha was especially good at this.

The house is a lot smaller than what we are renting adn what we owned in Ohio (which is still unsold, but is rented out and is due to finally sell to the renters in June 2016), but was well maintianed, unlike our current house.  Dad has a huge basement for his tain layout while WHN will have a smaller kitchen and no dishwasher!  (shades of the house in Ohio) .  Neither is upset by this and Dad has offered to have a sewing room added to the house where the carport is and WHN is ecstatic! A new fence is in the works for the spring, and the removal of several holly trees, bushes and sycamore trees so that we have a great backyard!

The Florissant Health department, which includes animal control, were wonderful with Snoopy.  We were allowed to visit during business hours and allowed to bring him home today instead of MOnday. We surprised them by being diligent in feeding Snoopy twice a day and cleaning out his cage for them.  They actually thanked us for taking such good care of him while he was in quarantine!>  

Obviously, he will be wearing a harness and leash at all times until the move is completed, to prevent him from being distracted. Once the move is over, he will be attedning classes until something sinks in and he starts to relax about the rest of the world NOT being a threat to his pack.

Thank you for all of your kind words and POTP.

BTW, Sweetie is now 7!  She tunred 7 yesterday and we will celebrate next weekend> 


Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

Oh Agnes...This all seems like such wonderful news. At one point it seemed that things just couldn't get any worse and now everything has turned around and the sun is shining once again... :) Hugs to All!

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

That is fantastic news. Wishing you a smooth move!

Millie and Walter said...

This is all great news. We are keeping our paws crossed that your Ohio house gets sold too. The best news of course is that Snoopy can stay with you. We're sure those Health department people were impressed by how dedicated you both were to Snoopy. We are doing the happy dance here and hope that the new home will someday be upgraded to all that you want.

Noodles said...

Dear DWM
I am happy dancing. It sounds like that little bit of bad luck is turning around in a big way.
Love Noodles

Unknown said...

We are glad to hear that Snoopy is home and that he has another chance. Please don't be so hard on yourself you are saving dogs that wouldn't stand a chance but sorry its so hard on you. Love Dolly