Saturday, June 27, 2015

For our Followers- you have a choice to make

As everyone knows, WHN and Dad are devoutly practicing Roman Catholic.    And, we rarely mention either our conservative political leanings or our faith on this blog.  However, yesterday's Supreme Court decision makes this impossible today. As a practicing Catholic, it grieves me to do this, but I will not stand by and allow sodomy and sexual perversion and mental illness to infect this country any longer or be forced to accept it as normal. I will not be silent in the face of this judicial travesty- five "justices" overthrowing the tenth amendment and the will of the voters in over thirty states who did not vote to support this sickness. It has been forcibly imposed by the courts in this country andthe legislatures in seven states, but nowhere have the people, when they have had the opportunity to vote on the issue, chosen to legalize sodomy and perversion. If I have embroidery and quilting customers who feel that they cannot do business with me, please take your business elsewhere- I harbor no feelings of hatred towards you at all. I have already lost my best friend over this issue, but I will answer to God and that is what is expected of me.

This so called decision nullifies the Tenth Amendent to the Constitution, as well as the over thirty state wide referenda on the issue of sodomite marriage being recognized (it went down in all states where it was allowed to be voted upon).  Instead we are now going to be bullied and forced out of business for our beliefs.  As such, if anyone in Blogville wishes to no longer follow or friend us in any aspect of social media, please feel free to do so, and with no hard feelings.  If anyone has placed an order with us and wishes to cancel, please do so , and again with no hard feelings.  

We will never support this decision, as it is contrary to science, to natural law, the teachings of the Catholic Church.   We are not haters and have never bullied anyone who is gay or claims to be so.  However, we will not stand idly by as our rights and our Church come under attack from the sodomites, the bullies and the left.  

Your beliefs are yours, as are ours.  Do not try to bully or threaten us for not believing as you do.


Sofia said...

Fantastic Agnes! May I borrow your statement to use with some modifications on my blog? I will give you proper credit!

Agnes B. Bullock said...

Sofia, please fee free to do so

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Freedom of speech allows you to share your views. It is your blog and your faith and your beliefs. Even though we may not share the same beliefs I respect your right to share your thoughts.

The Army of Four said...

How about if we add you to our list of blogs to support? :)
Cammie and Mags