Monday, July 21, 2014

Pet Product Review! Coccolino Creations!

Hello Blogville!  Snickers and Sable here!  What, you don't know who we are?  Well, then allow us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you!  

Snickers is a gorgeous black and tan short fur who is 12 years old and Sable is the gorgeous 8 year old red smooth beauty who came into rescue only last week.  We are a bonded pair of ladies who were abandoned by our family when they moved, leaving us behind.  We were discovered, covered in fleas and taken to a kill shelter in Illinois and we were there over two weeks before DRNA found us and sprang us! What a terrible experience that shelter was! Tuesday, WHN picked us up and we have been on a different kind of ride since then!  Snickers had worms and her skin was in terrible shape- on top of that she needs to put on a lot of weight.  She also has trouble walking due to her right rear leg being weak and unable to bear much weight, so she walks like a very drunk sailor, or like Puddles after a night of partying!  Sable is a snausagey 19 lbs of love, and is on a diet! She did not have worms, but was treated for them.  Both had their initial rescue vetting and dentals last week, and a third trip to the vet for xrays to see if Snickers suffered from back issues and thankfully she does not!  Both are well versed in the big brown eyes routine and closely snoopervise all kitchen activities in the house- helping WHN prepare meals and then doing the dishes!  Both are on antibiotics to help clear up their skin issues and will be having medicated baths three times a week- 

We have been sleeping in the big bed every single night and we love it!  We get along with our new pack- Sable and Anna are pawticularly getting friendlier each day. Snickers shares sling time duties with Snoopy, so WHN is staying out of trouble for once. We love going in the car and love going to McDonald's for chicken nuggets!  (we are getting a little spoiled but Mr. Geoff says that we are worth it!)  We spend lots of time on the couch watching tv and just love being pet. 

Tasha and Sable

Snickers and Sable

Snoopy and Snickers

Now imagine our surprise when the mailman brought us a big box today!  We have only been here a week and we are already getting mail!  Coccolino, a brand new friend, keeps his mom out of trouble by helping her run her very own Etsy Shop called Coccolino Creations.  She makes fabulous pet beds, and WHN bought one for us to try out!  It arrived today and Snickers claimed it for her very own.  Miss Katie even sent a mini pig head squeaky and Snickers just went crazy- this is the first toy in which she has shown any interest.  We had some issues when Tasha heard the squeak, but she backed down quickly.   (Tasha believes that every singl stuffie and squeaky is hers)  Now Snickers has her own pied a terre to enjoy, whiling away the day, dreaming of milk bones and kibbly bits, while her daddy is at work!

So, if you need a fabulous pet bed, just head right over to Coccolino Creations and find the pawfect bed for you!  Snickers gives Miss Katie four paws and a tail up!



stellaroselong said...

WE are so glad that you both found this to be your new foster is a great place for you to be.
stella rose

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

HI Snickers and Sable... WOW you are fitting RIGHT in with the DWM pack.. THAT is super terrific.

OMD you did a grrrrrreat job with the COCCOLINO CREATION Bed Review.. and we are very proud of you.
THAT is a super BED and the Piggy Squeak toy must be fabulous.

Scooter said...

Wow, I'm so glad to meet you both! You've joined a wonderful pack and WHN and everyone will give you a fabulous home. Glad you like your new bed and squeaky. :)
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Pol Comm

Unknown said...

It is so nice to meet you both and we are so happy you landed where you did. Couldn't have been luckier. That is SO thoughtful of you to write a review and it makes us so very happy to hear you enjoy the bed and toy! Lots of hugs and piggy kisses.

Anonymous said...

It's so sad that they lleft them behind after 12 and 8 years. Please give Snickers and Sable a big hug from me. I'm a fan of Coccoline creations, he is a funny little guy with a super talented mom!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Snickers and Sable...what a bad start you had with your former family. It's ok because you are safe now and WHN will never let anything bad happen to you ever again. Welcome to Blogville!

From Anudder Weenie with Luv

Two French Bulldogs said...

Looking good kid and welcome. Cocco had the coolest stuff
Lily & Edward

White Dog Blog said...

Snickers and Sable the good times and great stuff has only just STARTED! We know you will be loved and pampered and be totally accepted by the DWM pack! The bed looks VERY comfy...we are going to make momma go and visit Coccolino Creations!