Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tickle Me Thursday

We have been undergoing a terrible week thanks to WHN!  Yesterday, Chip, Tasha and Snoopy had to visit the dreaded V-E-T for their annual toofies cleaning and it hurt!!! Tasha lost one incisor, Chip had to have part of his gum packed with antibiotics to save a tooth, and Snoopy has a UTI!  Everybuddy is very mad at WHN beclaws we knows it is her fault!   All three are on medications too!

 Anna and Hope stayed home while we were being tortured, and gave us the update on what WHN does when she is unsnoopervised.  They tell us that it is horrible- they were forced to sleep on her lap and keep her company.  Forget about the chicken nugget bribes that were doled out by Dad when he came and rescued us- we are mad at WHN! 

Hope is busy packing for her new home!  Her clothes and harnesses are in her Christmas stocking and Dad will be picking up her medical records tonight.  She is going to be missed.  (Finally, WHN was able to successfully foster a dachshund!)


stellaroselong said...

Oh WHN great job on being a foster. Our mom would like to do that but she doesn't know if she could or should ....she always says if we lived in the country in a bigger house, so we will just haf to see what the future brings.
So sorry you had to go to the frankenvet...chicken nuggets tho may help.
Stella Rose

stellaroselong said...

P.S. Did the harnesses fit?
Stella rose

Two French Bulldogs said...

That cartoon is so funny. Oh boy hope that mouth feels better soon

Millie and Walter said...

So sorry to hear about all the trouble WHN is causing! BOL! We are sure Hope will be very happy in her new home, but she will never forget her time with the DWM crew.

Unknown said...

Haha what a non-foster failure? Good luck Hope with your new family! This is Pet Dental Month glad you got your toofies taken care of. I chew Nylabones with a vengence to keep my teef clean! Love Dolly

haopee said...

How dare they force the two to sleep on laps. That's outrageous. Unacceptable!

Is everything alright in the vetties? I hope so!