Saturday, January 18, 2014

Looking for Love!!!!!

 Did you know that our Mayoress is hostessing the bash of the season?  That's right- Our very own Diva is hostessing the Queen of Hearts Ball on Valentine's Day?  The excitement in Blogville is rising on an hourly basis and we are here to spread the word and to ask some lovely residents of Blogville to be our dates!

First up is J. Snoopington Puppy, aka SNOOPY!!!!  Snoopy is our resident piebald and the St Louis boytoy of Muffin!  As a member of the Blogville Police Department he is smart and will be a great protector of Muffin, so her Dad will not have to worry about her at all!

Muffin, will you go to the ball with me?

Next up is our J. Chippington Puppy, aka Chip- he like Snoopy is a member of BPD and takes his duties seriously.  He is enamored of Mon'as sister Miss Prissy, that devastatingly beautiful red long furred dachshund living in Texas!
Miss Prissy, will you accompany me to the Ball?
Third, is Tasha, Queen of the Urban Jungle.  She is the beloved of Shiloh of Team Beaglebratz and this Valentine's Day is their second anniversary!  however, she is still waiting for her beau to ask her to the ball!
Now, as Blogville knows, the DWM pack has two new members- Anna, the snausagesque black and tan beauty who rules her Daddy with her short fur covered paw, and Hope, our double dapple foster who works at BPD as the office manager. (Anna is on rodent patrol for BPD, in charge of squirrel and bunny patrol) .  We don't want these two beauties to sit home on Valentine's Day, now do we?  All applicants will have to undergo the rigorous BPD screening process, followed by the even more excruciating Daddy process, first instituted in Blogville by Taffy's Dad!  Who's up for the challenge? Both these girls can dance!  Both have healthy appetites and appreciate a great treat!  Neither have pawticipated in adult beverages, so be careful!  
NEXT UP- we have taken the liberty of cutting and pasting the deadlions for the ball so we all know when to have our photos in and to whom!  Hurry!  These deadlions are non negotiable and we don't want anyone to miss out on the fun!!!

**Events with Deadline of January 27, 2014
Rangebrandt Photo Studios and staff of 3 via alphabet

First letter of furbabes name to:
Mollie and Alfie: letters: A-M 
send to:  belneameadowATgmailDOTcom

Ranger:  letters: N-Z  
send to: scottierangerATgmailDOTcom
Ranger, Mollie and Alfie have volunteered their moms to provide Photo Shop services
ONLY SEND PHOTOS to Mollie and Ranger if you want to be formally dressed and are not able to use Photo Shop.  Once PS is completed Mollie/Ranger will send the photo SargE. Sarge will send completed photo to Madi which is the final point.  Madi will send a copy of the picture to its owner and Madi and Mad Snapper will be posting all the photos on 2/14. Half on Madi's blog 1/2 on Mad Snappers blog
If you do not need/want to have photo shop assistance GO DIRECTLY TO PART II
Sarge will host "Ladies In Bloom" for the dance.  Sarge's choice as to what kind:   Bouquet, Wrist Corsage, Pin-on Corsage, Long Stems, Hair Pieces, roses, daisies, any color, anything goes.   Each one will be tailored specifically to that *lady based on the ready-to-post pix (if you plan to wear anything other than your furs you must have that on) that I receive and whatever pops into Sarge's head. *Note: Sarge is only doing flowers.  Send your ready to post picture to Sarge by January 27, 2014

Then Sarge will send the completed photos to Madi.  Madi will send the owner of the photo a copy for their post.  On 2/14 Madi and Mad Snapper will have all of the pictures on their blogs throughout the day.  
PIN THE HEART ON THE DONKEY: Thru Squirrel Eyes and Marg's Animals:   Marg actually has real live donkeys Smoke and Joe.  More info coming soon along with their deadline for receiving pictures
**Events with Deadline of February 62014
If you do not need/want Photo shop or corsages send your picture directly to Madi will have all of the pictures on her blog throughout the day.  
**Event with Deadlline of February 9
Maggie Mae and Max "Love Messenger" Click on Maggie Mae and Max's name for details

BAD DAWG Agency: Murphy and Stanley, Frankie and Ernie , Roxy aka Ernie's main squeeze is lead vocalist.   BDA will provide live music. If you have special requests or have written a song send it to their agent: cecampbellATmsnDOTcom

Rockin' Will aka Sw. William:  Will spin love songs all day over at Blogville station. If you have a special request, send it to SweetwtScotATyahooDOTcom 
    List of Host and events they are hosting to date.
*Benji and Lassie: Blogville EMT and Dogtor:  Will be sure to stock the Blogville Ambulance with Valentine Appropriate Supplies.  (Like Bang-Aids with pictures of hearts on them, etc.)  *AND We will also perform a Queen of Hearts card trick in the Blogville Ambulance. new event as of 1/15/14!!!
Wyatt and StanzieWill  design a romantic garden and a few floral centerpieces for the event!! It will be the perfect place to take a romantic stroll with a date, just outside the dancehall doors! 

Sidebite*, Ranger* will be *working crowd and **critter control.  

Sasha and Ruby: Will once again be providing snackables, foodables, and (un)Spirited beverages (Ruby's mom has her on restriction no 

spirited drinks)

Casey the Boxer and Kissing Booth,  more info coming soon along with their deadline for pictures

Frank: The Adventures of The Tank and Easy Rider (who is looking for Mrs. Right):  Matchmaking Booth more info coming along with their deadline for pictures

Toby: Training Toby:  Will be creating lots of Sweet Nothings 
for heart candy.  

Madi and Mad Snapper : distributing sweet nothings to all the pawticipants.


Millie and Walter said...

We hope everyone says yes and that Shiloh remembers to ask Tasha. So far we are planning on going as singles. We would be afraid to have Walter escort either of your single ladies as he is a bit bouncy and might injure them. He is also a bit young for a first date just yet we think.

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

We got our pictures in and are ready for the big day! Lee and Phod

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD this is going to be FANGtastic. Now do NOT be concerned about the thought of going as SINGLES.... TRUST US... there are gonna be TONS of Single GUYZ at the Dance...
BUTT you wimmen will no doubt be snapped up like the Delightful TREATS that you ARE.
THANKS fur all spreading all the info... esp. about the Dead Lions that MUST be met.. in order to be included in all the super fun stuffs.
See you at the Kissing Booth.... or by the Pin the HEART on the Donkey...
THIS is gonna be another Blogville Classic. FUR sure.

Lovable Lily said...

Dearest Snoopy,

YES, YES, YES! Of course I will be your date to the Ball. I know, we've been quite absent from blogville as things here on the home-front are crazy.

I will have Mommy read where to send a picture.

Thank you my love for asking me to be your date. I'll love you always.....


Scooter said...

Hey WHN!
Wow, I'm sure your whole pack will end up with super dates for the big event! Crossing paws for great match-ups.
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Florist

Tweedles -- that's me said...

It sounds to me like lots of love is happening!

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Tue Miss Tasha, my sweet Valentine - it iz I, your Shiloh. Even tho we had x-changed emailz in which you agreed tue b my date, I thought I best post this comment here so all of Blogville will know WE r tue-gether fer shure. I wuz wunderin'if u wood like tue haf Ranger fix us up in formal attire az a couple? I know I haz that tux BUTT it iz almost az old az me - b-sidez, I wood like tue haf a pikchure of us TUE-GETHER. I will send a pikchure tue RANGER later on Sunday. Just in case u r not able tue git this comment - I will send u an email.