Friday, October 4, 2013

National Taco Day!!!!!!!

Snoopy and Hope
 Today is one of Blogville's favorite holidays- National Taco Day!  For the very first time, WHN took us out for tacos, but not for Taco Bell- instead she purchased tacos from Jack in the Box- you get two for a dollar and WHN absolutely LOVES them. Also, on the receipt, there is a code for you to get two more tacos for free!  As you can see, we enjoyed our very first tacos!  

BUT WAIT- FIVE BOWLS?  Aren't there only four members to the DWM pack? why yes, there are five bowls for today!  While there are four "official" DWM pack members-Chip, Tasha, Snoopy and Honey, we the DWM are fostering a new girl named Hope. She is a five year old double dapple who was born without eyes and was also born deaf.  She was surrendered by her owner/breeder three weeks ago and has been making herself at home with the pack. She loves to be with WHN all the time and is in the sling or under her shirt at all hours of the day. She is very clingy and WHN had to sleep on the couch with her the first week, since she was so restless and noisy, that WHN wanted Dad to be able to sleep so he could go to work and make money for our kibbly bits and treats.  Her house breaking has been hit or miss but she is getting better and goes to the door when she needs out.  She does ok in the car, but due to her disabilities needs an at home slave who she can touch most of the time.  honey and Snoopy get along with her but Chip is the least likely to be nice to her.  
Tasha checking out her bowl and Honey's bowl

Honey hiding away with her tacos!

Chip being a gentleman

Who's this?

Snoopy doing the dishes for WHN


Millie and Walter said...

You all are so lucky. Our mom seems to have forgotten what day it is and we have yet to see a taco. We love seeing all the DWM crew and can't wait to learn more about sweet little Hope.

Millie & Walter

GizmoGeodog said...

Wow tacos and a guest...that's a good time for nice of you to share with your foster friend

Oreo said...

Looks like you all enjoyed the tacos. That is so good that Hope fits right in with your family. Thanks for joining in


Ranger said...

They looked like they were simply Delicioso!! I'm so jealous. I didn't get one today.

3 doxies said...

My mum furgotted and I gotted NO tacos...I bet Geof would has gotted me some.
I think Hope is a very fittin' name...and her is beautifuls!


Daisy said...

Awww...sharing is caring! I'm glad another pup out there enjoyed their first taco, too!

SewCalGal said...

Lucky dogs. I didn't get a taco today. Darn, I should have come to visit you. Maybe then I'd get a yummy taco.


Kat said...

I heard about Taco Day on the radio while I was on my way to pick up some pitas for us. So sad we missed it. We had Jack in the Box when we were in California, those 2 for $1 tacos were actually really good! Good job on taking in Hope. We "hope" she finds a loving home soon, but in the mean time, can't wait to hear more about her!

Taffy said...

Isn't Taco Day wonderful! I had my very first one! Mom wants to know if she can come and live at your house. She would love to have lots of doxies!

Wyatt said...

We see a lot of clean bowls! Taco Taco Tacos...Long Live Taco Day!

Wyatt and Stanzie

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh and what a day it is!
Benny & Lily

Unknown said...

You are well lucky as we were tacoless as SHE forgot...big sigh. Have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

Anonymous said...

Tacos? Gosh, Mom never got ME a taco before...sniff....can I say that I think it's grand that you have given Hope a home? I can't imagine what it would be like not to hear or see....the world is a lot smaller I'm sure. No doubt she's having some adjustments but it sounds like she landed in the right spot! Bless you.

Kitty Hugs, Sammy (and his Mom)

Little Miss Titch said...

lucky pups!xx Rachel

Ruby said...

Oh, your MOms is the bestest!!! Lookie at all those TACOS!!!! You guys are some lucky Doxies indeed!!
Happy Happy Taco Day (okays, late...)
Ruby ♥

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Looks like you had fun! Lee and Phod