Monday, May 6, 2013

Isn't this GREAT?

What do you think of our new header and blog background?  Courtesy of Fenris' and Turien's mom!  WHN is completely over the moon with happiness because of the bright pinks- her favorite color!  (WHN made a donation for us, having raided our treat allowance, so that Turien can finish her heart worm treatment)

Snoopy is doing better!  Thank you BLogville for all of your suggestions!  WHN purchased the book recommended by Dachshund Nola's Mom from Amazon and it should arrive sometime this week, and WHN has been watching videos concerning positive reinforcement training and putting them to work.  Also, Snoopy and the pack are not going for as many car rides anymore- Dad had the idea that Snoopy associates our getting out of the car with his being transferred to yet another home and that is what scares him so much- he is only five and has had five homes in that time, three within a one month period! So, the DWM all stay home when there are errands during the week and all three are a lot less stressed, even though they do enjoy a good car ride, we need to keep Snoopy stress free.  

Third, Snoopy's and Tasha's skin issues are clearing up- WHN read a suggestion from Liz   LISA about adding coconut oil to the food and it works wonders!  No more Benadryl, no more red or flaky skin!  Snoopy especially loves the coconut oil and the coconut flakes and his skin and furs are perfect, not a fur out of place! WHN thinks that he is starting to look like our beloved Puddles, BLogville's very own Queen of Merriment and Mayhem!   

This past weekend, WHN was on the phone for hours with her BFFFF Miss Sue, the matriarch of the White Dog Army pack!  Those two can yack for hours and talk about fabric and art like no one else!  Miss Sue is starting a new charity and once she has it up and running, you will see us posting and supporting it here! 

Lastly- WHN is doing so much better!  She has actually been in her sewing room and is getting caught up on her quilting- she finished the placemat for Coccolino, our favorite mini pig, and for Stella Rose and her pug family!  Now she has the placemat for Ginger Jasper and his quilt, plus the place mat for Prancer Pie and crew to finish!   She was even well enough to attend a one day seminar at her favorite home away from home, Jackman's fabrics, and and learned so much- the featured speaker was Evy Hawkins of you should see her embroidery designs - WHN bought quite a few too and DAD bought her an embellishing machine from Baby Lock!  The Embellisher EMB12-2 and he even used it at the store! HE INSISTED that she get it when he picked her up!  (Yes it was on sale and it is so much fun to use!)

We do have exciting news to announce in the near future so keep your eyes peeled for a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!  

Don't forget about the Pet Blogger Mall - opening soon!  We plan on saving our allowance money and WHN is hoping to have a shop!


stellaroselong said...

We sent you a private message today about our placemats that you made for us....we are so pleased with them, we are going to blog about them this week! We are also glad you are feeling better and that Snoopy is also!!
stella rose

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

oMD OMD your blog header is gorgeous.
So much super good news in this post we don't know where to begin. SO we will just say GRRRRRRReat.

Lisa said...

We "Sophie and Lucy" use coconut oil as well, our mama thought it would help our allergies and boy does it. We look great, we are shiny and slick and well you know... we are beautiful!!

Millie and Walter said...

Your new header is perfect. So much good news makes us all very happy too. We can't wait to hear your big news.

Millie & Walter

3 doxies said...

SQUUUUUUUEL! I loves your new header, it beautiful and PINK!
I am so glad bouts Snoopy. I has been thinkin' bouts him and his issues fur many days now and wondered how he was doin'. I knew Nola would has great advices. And bravo to Mr. Geoff fur thinkin' bouts da car and rehomin' situation...nicely done.

I can't tells ya'll how happy I is dat WHN is feelin' betters!


Anonymous said...

I love the new background! very bright and just in time for summer!!

Dachshund Nola said...

Love the new look! I'm glad Snoopy's doing better. Once he gets better with the guarding issue, you could try to counter condition him to seeing the car as a great thing.

Unknown said...

Hi guys! Love your new look! My mom knows the lady that created some great dog shampoo that would help Tasha's and Snoopy's skin & fun. We would love to send you some and have you do a review. It's called Bobbi Panter's Itchy Dog Shampoo, all natural, salt free, mom uses it on me I love it! Visit Check out my new look too when you get a chance! Love Dolly

Scooter said...

Wow, the new blog layout is great! Such pretty colors and the header is really fun. I'm so very glad everyone is feeling better now!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

White Dog Blog said...

The new header is just so perfectly DWM! Pink is Nuka's favorite color here at the WDA...but momma won't let her dye her Nuka boots (the fur on her legs below where they shaved for IVs when she was sick) go-go girl hot pink!

Sometimes we leave Quinn, Oso, Puff and/or Nuka home together because they to can get a little stressed not on car rides but on errands when the peeps get out and leave us. You are making a good decision to give Snoopy a break and maybe just take him along when it is ride time only.

Our momma always is so happy after chatting with WHN, she says that the two of them are "birds of a feather." Once we get the paperwork filed, we will post about Paws To People: Bridges to Cures...we are so excited (of course momma had to share it with you).

We are glad all is well in the middle country and that the DWM family is finding balance and happiness.

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

We are so glad your Mom likes the header and background. Our Mommy likes pink to and this was her favorite, she was over the moon when your Mom picked it.

You know we think your Dad is on to something with Snoopy and the car rides. Glad everyone is less stressed now and we hope the book has lots of useful info in it. ~Fenris, Tuiren & Family

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

your header looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Just gorgeous!
Glad Snoopy is feeling better!
Barks and licks and love,

Lovable Lily said...

We are ALL delighted to hear the good news about Snoopy! We just told Muffin that he was having some little issues and not to worry her pretty little head off over it all. If we told her that he nipped at WHN, she would have freaked out! We're glad that Dachshund Mommy and Nola were able to recommend some reading material for you.

Your new header is pawtastic! We always love seeing the DWM's together.

Coconut water?? Now that's something new that we've never heard of before. Mommy said she is gonna look into that and see what else it can cure.

We are thrilled to hear that WHN is back in the sewing room once again. You keep on top of her and her projects and be sure we get to see pictures too!

Hope you have a totally pawsome day!

Love you,
Lily Belle & Muffin