Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to Blogville!  Sorry we were too busy yesterday to post! Saturday Dad and WHN went to pick up her new Embellisher machine, which we insisted Dad buy her for Mother's Day- we had been saving up our treat allowances for 87 million years to surprise WHN.  Then we had him buy her a mini iron to help with her applique work, and of course he listened to us! yesterday we took WHN to ST Charles after Mass and breakfast- she wanted Jack in the Box tacos so of course we rushed right out and got them for her!   (She has the craziest cravings) .  Snoopy is doing a bit better with his aggression , but to make sure we walked him along the banks of the Missouri River, near the Lewis and Clark statue- he was exhausted and rode in the mobile command post the rest of the morning!  Then we had Dad buy WHN cookies from the bakery and then stopped at the English Shoppe for snacks for the ride home.  WHN made a chicken curry for a late lunch and we snoozed the rest of the day away. (celebrating Mother's Day is exhausting) 

Today Chip goes to the vet- WHN saw a growth on his face and of course is in a dither to find out what it si so her Chipster gets better fast. He is not in any pain- it is probably in ingrown hair, but you know WHN and her blonde moments!

We just got back from the post office- mailing our grandmother's birthday present!  WHN's mom will be 85 Thursday and she made her some towels for her bathroom.  Our other grandmother loved her place mats- she knew right away that we had pawsonally supervised their construction! 

This week is Ginger Jasper week- place mat and quilt! Also, WHN will be making some items for our Mall Shoppe and if anyone has any requests, just let us know! 



Lovable Lily said...

Happy belated Mom's Day to WHN! Sounds like you had a totally pawsome day :)

We're glad that Snoopy is learning to behave. Hearing anything different would devastate little Muffin.

Oh Chip, we hope that the lumpie bumpie is something simple sweetie. Please keep us all posted.

Mom's been busy as she is starting to pack things up around here. We leave in 10 days. Then I will be miserable bcuz I will have to endure 2 days locked in a crate with Muffin as we drive. Mommy believes in safety furst. It's worse than prison I tell ya!

Over and out for now furends.

Lily Belle

GOOSE said...

Sounds like ya all took care of everything just perfectly for WHN. I hope the bump on Chiper-roo is nothing bad. Better safe than sorry. That's what my MOM says.

stellaroselong said...

Mom has just got to get batteries now and then she can show off her placemats you made of beautiful me!
stella rose

K9 Katastrophie said...

Happy Mother's day! We hope Chip is ok. Happy Birthday to WHN's mom!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD... your REALLY did it up BIG fur WHN's Big Day. THAT is grrrreat.
You made her FEEL as Special as she IS.

Millie and Walter said...

Those sound like great pressies for WHN. Glad to hear Snoopy is doing better. We are sure Mr. Chip will be fine but will cross all our paws just to be sure.

Millie & Walter

White Dog Blog said...

You put together a very special Mother's Day with just the most perfect presents! What thoughtful furbabies you are (and thanks to dad for helping). We LOVE Jack in the Box tacos!

Happy Birthday to your grandma. We know she will love the handmade towels. The White Dog Army wishes her a new year filled with health, happiness, and blessings.