Saturday, March 9, 2013



Something HOOOOOGE is happening on March 15th!!!  

ALSO- today is Day 9 of the raffle for Snoopy and DRNA-  While we have raised the entirety of the funds needed for his adoption fees, with some money left over, we are still selling tickets for both the quilt and the scarf raffle in hopes of raising enough money (275.00) to pay for another dachshund to have a furever home- the remaining funds (15.00)plus whatever else we raise between now and Mrch 15th, will go firectly to Dachshund REscue of NOrth AMerica (DRNA)

Tickets are 2.00 each, 6 for 10.00.  Please, from today through March 15th, email WHN at DachsiesWithMoxieMama AT gmail DOT com for payment info.  Our Former Furst Mayor, Frankie Furter will be drawing the names of the two lucky winners on March 17th!!!!!

Updated list of Raffle ticket entrants: (Updated daily in red)

 1)  Goose and his mom, Pastor Michelle have purchase 12 tickets

 2) WDA have purchase 6 tickets for the quilt AND another 6 tickets for the scarf  

3)  The Slimmer Pugs have purchased 6 tickets for the Quilt

 4)  Stella Rose and her sister Maggie and purchased 2 tickets for the quilt

  5)  Ginger Jasper our beloved Persian friend in the UK has purchased 6 tickets for the quilt

 6) Millie, the owner of Blogville's beloved World Famous Quilter Cindy, purchased 6 tickets for the quilt

 7) Sasha our beloved Shi Tsu BFF has purchased 6 tickets for the quilt

 8)  ernie, the little brother of our beloved former furst Mayor Frankie Furter, has purchased 6 tickets for the quilt- three are for his beloved Foxy Roxy and three for Asta!
9)  Ruby and Penny Furter- 6 tickets for the scarf and 6 tickets for the quilt

10) What Remains Now- 6 tickets for the quilt

11)  Shiloh and Shasta- 4 quilt tickets adn 2 scarf tickets

12)  Lily Belle and Muffin- 10 QUilt tickets and 10 Scarf tickets

13)  Sarge - 6 tickets for the quilt

14) Maggie Mae and Max- 4 tickets for the quilt and 2 for the scarf

15)  AMber Da Weenie and crew- 6 tickets for the quilt

16)  Idaho Pug Ranch (Greta, Hazel and Bailey)- 3 tickets for the quilt and 3 tickets for the scarf

17)  Ray, Chase, and Tipper (new bloggers)-  6 tickets for the quilt

18)  Sagirah and Bokeh- 6 quilt tickets  (and they have put us over the top!) 

19)  Molly the Wally- 6 quilt tickets  


Unknown said...

Well done and we hope you make more. Our paws are crossed. Have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

wildcatwoods said...

Thank you kindly for your comforting words of sympathy about our dear Chica.

Cats of wildcat woods

Lovable Lily said...

We're so thankful that it's all going so well. Hopefully another little pupper can be helped with all the generosity of Blogville.

Lily Belle & Muffin

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OK We put a Big PAW PRINT on the 15th.. SOMETHINGYS Comin, We Don't know What it is butt it is gonna be grrrrreat... The AIR is Hummin... claws somethingy grrrrreat is comin.

Sagira said...

Wish we could do more to help. So nice of you guys to raise funds.

Unknown said...

Hello there and thankyou for joining my blog!!
Love Milo :)

My Mind's Eye said...

What a successful raffle!!
It is a win win for at least two precious Doxies!!
Hugs madi

Doxie Rod said...

super duper!! could not be going for a better cause. go, raffle, go!!

Jenn Fisher said...

I like your binder, neat idea! And your snoopy is cute too :)