Saturday, December 15, 2012

Snoopy Update

Snoopy here, reporting in!  This has been a PAWSOME last two weeks!  I have both WHN and Dad well trained to my needs and I get along quite well with Chip, our beloved pack leader, and Tasha, the queen of the urban jungle! I love to go walkies and am very good on my leash- I just want to run forever!  I am on a restricted diet- I have terrible allergies, and have to eat Natural Balance fish and sweet potato only or I scratch like crazy! (And I don't like taking Benadryl for the itchies- so I wolf down my kibbly bits even faster than the Thai Master used to !)

I was still unsure of my place here in the pack, so it took me most of the last two weeks to muster up the courage to sleep in the big bed, but I finally did and it is great!  WHn has to sleep without a pillow as I need to rest on it and I need to sleep curled in her arms, so she is usually waking up with an achy back!  Tasha and Chip filled me in on Ginger, Thai and Anna Rose, and I am trying my best to help WHN and Dad heal a little bit.  WHN is always marvelling at how much I walk like Ginger but that I look like this hawt gawjus dachsie named Puddles- have to meet her! I eat like Thai and when Dad gets home from work, I am on him like white on rice!  I help him run the Christmas tree train layout and helped him put the tree and lights up!  I am completely housebroken (ok, except for when we are abandoned at home for more than two minutes, but don't tell anyone that, ok?).  The mailman and UPS man fear me-  and I help Chip run his company, Dachsund Security, LLC- he is thinking of making me a junior partner!~

I am going to PetSMart for training and so far have been very barky as I do not do well in new places or with new people- I have had three homes in less than a month and I am tired!  I was in rescue for over a year then was adopted out for only a year (the others moved to NY and for some reason could not find a "pet friendly" place to stay!   They even used a prong collar on me and I am NOT a pitbull or any other large dog!) then I found myself back in rescue before WHN and Dad came and got me.  According to them, everything they were told about me was a lie (except for the fact that I hate getting a bath) I am a very good boy and love bug, once you get to know me!  

We went to se Santa paws today- we all wore these strange outfits but I told Santa not to worry about me- I have my new furever home, and to pray that no one adopts me on the DRNA website- I want to stay here!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

WELCOME to BLOGVILLE... SNOOPY.. and CONGRATULATIONS on your FURST Official POST. You did an AMAZING Job with it. You told your Story in a very much excellent way.

WE (Ernie and I) can NOT believe that you got to go meet Santa Paws.. THAT is superb. I hope you gave him your LIST.
Buddy, you could NEVER have found a better HOME. GOOD fur YOU.
WE are all waiting to see and hear MORE of your exciting adventures with the DWM and your training of your Dad and WHN.

Lovable Lily said...

Hi Snoopy,
Lily Belle here. I'm Tasha's soul sister (because we look alike and are both as beautiful as the day is long!)

We are sooo happy to hear that you are doing so well. There was never any doubt in our minds! We're gonna pray really hard that no one adopts you and that you can stay RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! We just know that you would be so hard to give up. I think that WHN and Daddy Geoff would love to keep you furever.

Your Santa picture is wonderful! You just fit right in there perfectly.

Say hello to everyone for me.

Lily Belle & the Florida Doxie Gang

rottrover said...

Hey Snoopy-Dog! Nice to meet you! We're Bart and Ruby. We're rottweilers and we don't have to wear pronged collars either! We're so happy that you're fitting in so well with the DWM pack! Our paws are crossed that you get to stay there fur effur!!

Millie and Walter said...

Snoopy I'm so glad to hear you are doing so well with the DWM. I'm a bit confused as to why you would be listed for adoption anywhere since I think you should just stay where you are. Welcome to the Blogville family and I guess you and I are sort of cousins.


Dachshund Nola said...

Hi, Snoopy! I'm Nola, Blogville's Beloved QUEEN of Florida!! You're so handsome!

GOOSE said...

Welcome to Blogville Snoopy. You could not have landed in a better place. So glad you are here and in your wonderful home.

Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

Snoopy....Me's so hap-pee to get to meet you and ears all bout you. Me tinks dat a home wit Tasha, Chip, WHN and Dad would really be da best home fur you. You couldn't do better. Tell 'em to step up right now and adopt you themselves before you get snatched away again.

Can't wait until you post again!

Amber, Max, and Da Pack

Two French Bulldogs said...

Sounds like you are fitting right in sweetie
Benny & Lily

bichonpawz said...

Hi there Snoopy!! We are very pleased to meet you and think you will be very happy with the DWM!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Unknown said...

Snoopy we say a big warm welcome and we hope you stay too. Paws crossed little one. Have a super Sunday with all your new family.
Best wishes Molly

Bassetmomma said...

Welcome to Blogville Snoopy. I think you have found the perfect home. :)