Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tasha, Queen of the Urban Jungle

Tasha here- WHN is out and about again, driving us crazy as usual, but what she did to me yesterday takes the cake!  She took me to the VET to have my teeth cleaned and left me there!  How dare she! Only had one tooth pulled, and my back xrayed, but I have a skin infection common to small dogs and am on medication for that! I showed WHN- I pooped all over my blanket while at the vet and she had to wear me in my sling for six hours last night!  I got up early this morning and packed my things- Aunt Cindy and Millie have lots of room for me, that I know and no more VET visits!

While I was abandoned to my fate, Chip told me that there were LOTS of HBO, Showtime and Cinemax words coming out of the sewing room - WHN's Baby Lock broke again while she was in the middle of making her Holiday Lane BLog Hop entry for Friday- now she has to think (which she doesn't know how to do) and come up with something else to make!  (She certainly learned a lot of those words while she was in the Army and then a criminal investigator- apparently she did NOT forget any of them either) 

Poor Dad- he got no rest with all of her running around like a chicken without its head again- first he had to work the night shift for a week then had to go in twice on Thanksgiving because the manager on call  wasn't answering his phone!  DAD used HBO words too- but he is allowed to as far as we are concerned.  Then we got dragged out for Black Friday again- we got stuck in the car in our plaid car coats, while WHN and Dad did secret things!  Once we got home, we helped "unpack" the bags!  I untied the Cabellas bag and got out the skunk/badger toy that Santa put in there for me!  WHN and Dad still can't figure out how I untied the bag or even knew the badger was in there, but he is learning not to mess with Tasha, Queen of the Unstuffed Stuffed Squeaky Toys!

Saturday we had more errands to run, but Sunday we stayed on the couch watching movies with Dad!  Yesterday I barely survived the trauma but today I have my revenge!  I am currently ensconced in my morning sling, being adored and waited upon- now if WHN would just lose my medication!  Last night I kept spitting it out and she found it this morning so she gave it to me gain and used a syringe of water to make sure it went down and stayed down- she is getting sneaky!

We finished up our Christmas Cards and have received at least six to WHN's 0!  

Have to get my packing done- I hear Aunt Cindy makes a good turkey and I need to hit the road soon- my backup sling is already in my bag!

Would have posted a cute picture of me teaching the badger a lesson, but Google is being butt headed and saying that I am over the limit!  


Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

I nose I's on a breaky, butt I had to check in anyway! Mom dragged ME to the VET last week too for my annual visit. Do you think Miss Cindy and Millie would have room fur me too? I's very little!

GOOSE said...

You have been busy busy busy. I am tired just reading all that you have done.

Millie and Walter said...

Tasha dear you know you are welcome any time, but I can't promise you no vet visits. Sometimes vet visits are necessary to keep you happily de-stuffing those stuffies.

So sorry to hear WHN's Babylock is acting up again. She must be working it hard to keep breaking it.

The worst thing of all is that Google won't let you post any pictures! I would have loved to see you telling that badger who is boss.

Love to all,

Aunt Cindy & Millie

Anonymous said...

We understand those peeps issues, sometimes you just gotta stand up for your rights, and keep informing them it is all about you. That vet and pill stuff gets out of control here also!!

Your Furiends
Susie & bites

Dachshund Nola said...

Wow, Tasha that's horrible you were left at the vets! OMD, I'm going on Friday, do you think they're doing the same to me?

Lovable Lily said...

Hail to the Queen, Hail to my Soup Sister!

Tasha, we feel your pain. Muffin has an ear infection and she had to see the Vet yesterday. I was lucky and sat in the car with Daddy. Muffin is miserable and keeps shaking her head. She hits me with her ears when she does.

I'm sorry that you had to have your teeth cleaned but (ugh!) its good for us.

Say hi to Aunt Cindy and Millie when you get there.

Lily Belle

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

This here iz Shiloh - oh my sweet little Tasha – such trauma u haz endured fur such a wee little soul. I wood invite u here with me butt our mom haz all them Christmas boxez out an’I wood b scared she mite “acsidentaly” put u in one an’we mite never c u agin. Oh I shudder tue even think what u haf had tue live with – u NEED at leest 87 gazillion treatz.
Thinkin'boutz my loverly lady alwayz,

Sagira said...

Oh...sorry to hear that you were taken to that nasty VET place. Hope your mouth feels better soon. You guys are on the ball to already have your Christmas cards done.

White Dog Blog said...

So many HBO words! We hope you didn't use any, Tasha when you ended up at the v-e-t! Everyone should lie on the couch with a cool cloth over their eyes and have an aromatherapy session to help relax...maybe a nice pine Christmas-y smell? or dog biscuits baking? or pina coladas?

Kari in Alaska said...

you sure are a busy pup

Stop on by for a visit