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Guest Post! "What is Your DOg's Poo Telling You!"

 A few weeks ago, WHN received an email from a writer at asking if WHN would allow a guest post on our blog.  We of course said yes, as we though that it would be a great idea!  Below is the original email and following the email is the article itself.  We are not being compensated in any way simply wanted to get the word out and also to help this budding writer!

1)  Hi!
Just stopping by and saying that you have an awesome blog! My name is Kaitlin Falatovich and I am a  content writer for  I was looking at pet blogs when I came across yours, and let me just say, it made my day! Really enjoyed all of the pictures of the quilts. They were absolutely amazing!
Hope you are having a great day, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
-Kaitlin Falatovich


What Is Your Dog’s Poo Telling You?
Doggie parents love their children; there is no doubt about that. But the last thing any parent wants to do is examine doggie poop! Admit it folks, as soon as your precious pup is done doing their business, you quickly scoop it up and dispose of it. Right?
But what some parents don’t know is that your dog’s poop can serve as a warning for possible disorders/infections that they might have. * Various factors such as the color, texture, and amount that your dog goes a day are ways to see if there is a problem.
First, the color of the poop can be a big factor in determining if your dog may have some type of health problem. Light, whiteish waste could be a warning sign for liver disease. Because your dog cannot produce enough bile to break down food properly, not all the nutrients that your dog is taking in are being used. Also, if the stool is grey terrible smelling it can also be a sign of poor digestion.
If your dog is experiencing waste that is black in color, that could indicate internal bleeding/internal bleeding of the upper digestive tract. These types of stools are some of the most dangerous. Also a cause for distress is bloody stool. This can be evidence that there is bleeding in the colon. If you see this type of stool, DON’T FREAK OUT! First backtrack and try to remember what your dog has eaten in the couple days. It may be something that they have consumed. After that, regardless of what your findings are, consult a vet just to be safe!
Something else to look for in your pooch’s poo is consistency. If you’re the stools look watery or loose, it is can be the sign of a bowel irritation/infection. The looser that the stool is, the most advanced the infection is.
If it seems to be a little mushy, this can be a sign that your dog has a food allergy or intestinal parasites. If you consult a vet and they rule out any time of parasites but the stool continues to look that way, try testing your dog for food allergies.
And finally if the food is in relatively that same shape it was when it was feed to the dog, this might be a sign that your dog is overeating.
These factors along others can turn your dog’s poo into a crystal ball waiting for you to look into it. Taking a few seconds before tossing your pups poop into the trash could help prevent a serious illness from getting worse.
Kaitlin Falatovich is a college student/content writer for She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree and receiving many professional accolades in the process. For more articles like this one, click here.
*It is always good to consult your Veterinarian about problems that your pet may have. This article is only a way for a pet owner to take precautions. Do not take it into your own hands. It can be dangerous for your pooch!


Finn said...

Those are some good tips. I tend to take a look and give it a squeeze (through the bag of course!) before I throw it out to make sure it looks ok.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Very good information!

GOOSE said...

Who knew poo could tell you so much. MOM will be thrilled to now take a closer look at my poop. This will be fun.

Unknown said...

Goose just cracked us up. Have a great Wednesday and great info.
Best wishes Molly

Lovable Lily said...

Our Mommy always checks our poop (NO, she's not krazy.) She just likes to keep us healthy.

I hope tho that doesn't mean we have to check her poop too...

Lily Belle

Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Hiro and Momma Tea said...

Our Moms is a poop checker too wee is barressed to admits. Her has beened known to takes tweezers to it fur closer inspekshun............Ohh Da Shames Ovs Her.

Uji,Izzy,Ziggy & Missi
xxx xxx xxx xxx

Two French Bulldogs said...

about poop, Oh my word
Benny & Lily

White Dog Blog said...

Great information on the importance of monitoring. Thanks for posting what could be a life saving article.

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Shiloh here - thoze r sum really interestin'factz an'bet mom didn't know all that stuff 'boutz the Beaglebratz poo - bet she startz payin'more a'tenchun tue it.

By the way, I kept readin'this yestaday butt my telepathic wavestream kept cuttin'out - that'z what us Beaglebratz hastz uze when mom leevez the 'puter off when she iz gone. I wuz gonna tellz ya 'boutz tthe announcement I haf on our blog - it'z still there if u wanna c it.
Gotta go - cuttin'out agin.