Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday- it's only Wednesday?

This has been a LONG week and it is only Wednesday!  Remember when we told you that Dad found us a house to rent?  Well, the owner went with someone else who had a terrible credit rating instead! (After putting the peeps through their paces of getting all the paperwork done in less than an hour on Monday!)  Then Dad looked at two more houses Monday night and found an even better one but now no word back, so tonight he and their realtor extraordinaire Kim are going to look at four more houses tonight.  Dad wants a huge basement- lots of room for trains and beer, and so he can hide Puddles when she gets into trouble.  ( A large basement means that BLogville will have its own clubhouse in the Midwest too!)

Then yesterday WHN had the rugs super dooper cleaned by Sears- and now we are banned from the upstairs and the den unless she is with us!  Guess she is afraid we might need to "mark" the occasion!   

Finally, WHN heard from the vet and Anna Rose's bloodwork was NOT good- her creatin and calcium levels are up too much so she rushed her to the vet for 24 hours of IV fluids to flush her kidneys before we move.  WHN will now be learning how to give them today so that Anna will be comfortable from now on- Anna Rose has not been in any pain as she was last year when this last occurred, but had been throwing up.  She will be coming home today around noonish.   WHN called to check on her last night and she had already improved- she was alert and watching what was going on while snoozing on her Daddy's bathrobe.  WHN didn't sleep a wink last night- no Anna Rose taking over her pillow and using her head as a head rest.  If anyone knows of a really good veterinarian in St Louis, please let WHN know!  Dad was shocked that his little angel got so sick so fast- hopefully it was due to the stress of the move and not due to her kidneys starting to get worse.  

Tasha would like to thank everyone in Blogville for the wonderful Gotcha Day wishes!


Berts Blog said...

AH Anna Rose, we are keeping our paws crossed. And we hope you find the right house, one with a big basement.


Berts Blog said...

AH Anna Rose, we are keeping our paws crossed. And we hope you find the right house, one with a big basement.


GOOSE said...

I just know your are going to find the right place for you all. I'll keep my paws crossed that it comes along soon. Paws crossed for Anna Rose as well.

Sew Doggy Style said...

Wow, not very "wordless," BOL!!!!!

Here's to hoping you guys find the perfect house.

Erika and Sebastian

Millie and Walter said...

What a bummer about the house. I'm sure you will find one soon. Keeping our fingers and paws crossed for Anna Rose to stay well. I'm sure you won't have any trouble giving her the fluids.



Dachshund Nola said...

Get well soon Anna Rose! Paws crossed

Unknown said...

Our paws are crossed for Anna Rose as we can't help from across the pond but we hope someone will. As always hoping you get to move soon to the right place. Take care and wishing you well.
Best wishes Molly

Lovable Lily said...

Oh Anna Rose, we're paws crossed over here waiting to hear good news about you.

We're sorry the first house fell thru, but we believe it was meant to be. You're gonna find even a better one real soon. It will be nice once you are all together once again.

Now gang, keep those carpet's clean over there!

Lily Belle

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Sorry about the furst house... butt I know that your dad will find the perfect place.. soon.

Scrappy Angel said...

sounds a bit stressful to me! hope you find the pawfect home and that WHN feels confident to take care of those fluids!

White Dog Blog said...

House hunting never seems to be easy! Hope the next group has the best potential yet...and the owners LOVE you all!

Sending White Dog positive energy and soothing thoughts.