Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why is Tasha SAD? Not even Pink Puppy can help

So Sad, Miss Tasha, with her Duk Duk

Can Pink Puppy help?

Max's bride
 Tasha had the most horrific news today- her BFF Miss Cindy is meeting up with Lily Belle and Muffin!  Tasha is petrified that Miss Cindy will forget about her and never want to see her again!  We, the DWM recognize that Miss Cindy is Tasha's BFF, but what can we do to make Tasha better?  Miss Cindy obviously loves mini black and tan short hairs, so Lily Belle, KEEP AWAY FROM HER BAGS! Tasha is willing to share her BFF- so Lily Belle, Muffin and Tasha need to set up a schedule, so that they can share Miss Cindy in a fair and equitable manner

Also, POTP needed for Miss Nina, she is under the weather and we want her to feel better- she is after all our Rottweiler cousin (she owns Aunt Cindy, after all)
dreaming of Max

Why is my sis Tasha sad?

Aunt Cindy, WHY?

Thai with Dad on Father's Day


Lovable Lily said...

Now Tasha.... tisk, tisk, tisk! There is NO need to be sad or worried one bit. As you know, us Doxie's are the most loving little things on the planet (Biased - Yup!) and we know how to share. Ok, so we may not share our bones and toys and treats and.... But we do know how to share those we love. Go figure! I promise to only steel a part of Miss Cindy's heart and I will leave the other part for you (bcuz you already have it and I WON'T take that away from you.) And... I just know that Miss Cindy has loads of room in her heart for the both of us! There, problemo solvo! Mommy has to still get ahold of Miss Cindy and set the big meeting date and she can't wait. (Mommy has been a little busy these days and does apologize to one and all.)

We're also gonna stop and see Miss Cindy and her Quilting Club's beautiful quilt that is hanging in our Town Hall. We are soooo proud that she had such a big hand in making this quilt and we can't pass up the opportunity to stop in and see it hanging. Mommy may have to sneak me in there bcuz I don't think they would let me in there bcuz I'm a d-o-g after all. Poo on them. I'll just tell them that I'm a part of this family and we pay our taxes! Think that will work?

We promise to take lot's of pictures of our adventure!

Lily Belle

GOOSE said...

Cheer up Tasha it will be alright.

Berts Blog said...

Oh Sweet TAsha, hang in there, things well get better. POTP

Millie and Walter said...

You sure know how to bring on a case of the guilts don't you? Don't worry Tasha you are my first dachsie love and you will always be my BFF.

Thanks for the shout out for Nina. I sure wish I knew what she wanted to eat. Maybe we could get one of those animal communicators to come visit her.


Amber DaWeenie said...

Don't be sad, Tasha! It's nice to share but me nose Ms. Cindy tinks about you furst.

Maybe you can help Anna with some of the wedding plans and dat will keep you busy so you gots no time to be sad.

Sheltie Times said...

Life is too short to stress. You are having way to much fun to waste worrying about the moments she's away from you.

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Shiloh here - Oh I due wish I cood come an'see my Miss Tasha. I don't wantz her tue fooelz sad - I lovez u my sweet Tasha. Take a look at our blog tuday - I am callin'fur u.
Your most humble guy, Shiloh

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

NOT to Worry Tasha... all WILL be fine. We are DACHSHUNDS.. WE know how to SHARE...

My Wives and I are PROOF of that.

Dachshund Nola said...

Poor girl!

Scrappy Angel said...

whew...looks like Cindy says all is well....that's a relief!

it is hard to share. i am not very good at it.

K9 Katastrophie said...

Poor baby!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Don't worry Iil punkin head
Benny & Lily

Ziggy Stardust said...

Tasha, I would love to come over and play with you. Maybe we can close our eyes and pretend we are outside running around and playing chase. Wow that was fun. I am crossing paws for Miss Nina.

Loveys Sasha

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

From the mom - I received an email from you - no subject and all it contained was a link that I DID NOT click on. Was that from you?

White Dog Blog said...

Fear not Tasha, NO ONE can take your place! Only you are you and have your special loving big heart and kind ways. You cannot be forgotten.

White Dog healing energy to Miss Nina to feel better soon.

And it is VERY nice to see Thai in dad's arms on dad's special day!