Monday, June 25, 2012



 We, the Dachsies With Moxie, are FINALLY posting about the TWO events that we are hosting for this year's BLogville Olympics.  Both of these events are on Monday, 30 July 2012, and we hope to see you all compete, or at the very least, attend to cheer on your favorite athletes in these vigorous events.  Blogville even has a new blog dedicated to our Olympics!!!: 

First up is the Cross Neighborhood Walkabout- this event came to be in 2009, when Angel Ginger first moved into her new mansion in Medina, OH.  ONE yard was not enough for this princess!  Noooo, she had to be closely snoopervised as  she took care of her daily business, and then she would conduct surveillance operations, sneaking into the adjoining yards of the neighbors on her way to extend the boundaries of her kingdom!  (We have no fence!) Competitors, you will be judged on your abiity to sneak behind enemy lines (ie- your backyard fence) in an attempt to expand your personal kingdoms- AND IGNORING YOUR PEEPS AS THEY CALL YOU TO RETURN! Photos / videos should be of you UNLEASHED and enjoying the joys of walking around free and uninhibited in your royal domains!  Entries are to be submitted starting on 9 July 2012 and ending 18 July 2012!

Our second event is the Catch Me if you can and comes to us from the beautiful Anna Rose, Max's fiancee!  (Here at the DWM mansion, it is called, Daddy Come Catch Me!)  It is a much easier event to master, and have fun at your peeps expense!  It involves tricking your peeps into picking you up!  (Works best for smaller breeds, but larger breeds can demonstrate their ability to outsmart their peeps and get their way!)  Anna does this several times a day- she is quite the expert and that is the reason we have so many photos of her being held by her slave Daddy!  First, you convince your peeps that you want to play with them- cuteness counts here!  Then you turn the tables on them by dashing off, turning around to make sure they are following you and keep doing these two steps until YOU are tired.  Then and only then do you strike a most beguiling pose,which of course invites your peep into picking you up! Easy Peasy!  Again, photos of this event are to be submitted to WHN between 9 and 18 July 2012 at DachsiesWithMOxieMama AT gmail DOTcom

Now, here is the list of the entire Blogville Olympiad, complete with websites and the dates of each event- We encourage everyone to enter as many events as possible!!!!

Fri. July 27th.    Posie - Parade of Athletes

Fri. July 27th.    Roo - OPENING Extravaganza

Sat. July 28th.   Jazzi -  Window Nose Art

Sat. July 28th.   Sarge -  Swimming

Sun. July 29th.   Oscar -  Crazy Sleeping Singles   AND    Synchronized Sleepers

Sun. July 29th.   Bertie -    Bouncing

Mon. July 30th. WHN -Cross Neighborhood Walkabout          AND        Catch me IF you Can

Mon. July 30th. Benny and Lily - Beach Ball

Tues. July 31st.  Madi   Gymnastics -

Tues. July 31st.  Lily Belle and Muffin - Couch Potato Peeling

Wed. Aug. 1st. Mona and Weenie -Tongue Curling/Raspberry    AND        Critter Stalking

Wed. Aug. 1st. Pip - Discus / Frisbee

Thur. Aug. 2nd.  Goose - Stick(s)

Thur. Aug. 2nd.  Bert - Pole Jumping

Fri. Aug. 3rd. Murphy and Stanley -  Marathon Chewing

Fri. Aug. 3rd. Puddles -  Digging

Sat. Aug. 4th. Declan - Tuneful Farting

Sat. Aug. 4th. Casey - Keep Away

Sun. Aug. 5th. Rubie and Poots - Equestrian

Sun. Aug. 5th. Mayzie - Camera Avoidance Kae Kwon Do

Mon. Aug. 6th. Shasta and Shiloh -Synchronized Peeing

Mon. Aug. 6th. Ruthie - DE-Stuffing

Tues. Aug. 7th. Susie and Sidebite -Free Style Zoomies

Tues. Aug. 7th. Ruby and Penny -  Roaching and Rolling

Wed. Aug. 8th. Bailey and Katy -    Squirrel Hurdles

Wed. Aug. 8th. Indigo -  DRAW your Peeple

Wed. Aug. 8th. Lulu - Snack Sack Race

Thurs. Aug.9th Sasha - Boxing

Thurs. Aug.9th. Frank the Tank - EXTREME Weather Sports

Fri. Aug. 10th. Max - Turbo Track

Fri. Aug. 10th. Luna and Cynder -Snoopendous SniffAthon

Sat. Aug. 11th. Mollie Jo - The Great Tennis Ball Tournament

Sat. Aug. 11th. Uji and Izzy -   Bathtub Wrestling

Sun. Aug. 12th. Finn - CLOSING CEREMONY

"The next town over from Blogville is CatBlogosphere... it is really close.. right up the road.. and THEY are Havin OLYMPIC EVENTS TOO....      The residents of CATblogosphere would like for you to know that you are ALSO Welcome and Wanted to Join in THEIR EVENTS.

Here is their LIST...    

Balance Beam

Best Nippy Faces

Competitive Napping

Competitive Nip Bliss Out

Counter Surfing

Fierceful Yawning

High Jump

Red Dot-A-Thon

Smackdown                    I see MANY of these that we would ALREADY have tons of pictures of.

Please DO Enter.....     BTW....   I recently learned that their HUGE STADIUM is under renovation... and so I extended the offer for all of CatBlogosphere to Come to Our Stadium for the Grand and exciting OPENING CEREMONIES    and to join us for the CLOSING of our 2012 Olympics.       So please plan to scoooooootch over a bit closer to your neighbors when you come to Both ceremonies....  Get to know them and don't worry... there will be Enough Seats for Everybuddy..   all nice and close and comfortable.   The MORE the MERRIER I say...  I think it is the BLOGVILLE/Catblogosphere WAY!!      ONE fur ALL and ALL fur ONE  "


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD OMD THESE are gonna be HOOOOOGE EVENTS.... Ernie and I are both trainin and trainin like WILD THINGYS.

3 doxies said...

Oh dears...da furst one is gonna be a tuffie fur me as I ain't allowed off leash...apparently I is a terrible dog. But I'll see what I can come up withs...hehehehe.
You just make sures Geoff has a beer fur me and mum when it's all overs...hehehe...mum don't even drink but afters dis, she'll need one.


Unknown said...

Hey Moxie , we are getting ready for the catch me if you can. Been in serious training!
Best wishes Molly

Scooter said...

Wow, your events will be so much fun! I plan to enter both and am already in training. The cat events will be a blast too!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Lovable Lily said...

Yeah, more rules posted for the Olympics. We better get right on top of this and start practicing for these two awesome events.

Hey, wait.... Rules?? We're doxie's, we don't follow rules!!!!

Lily Belle

Matilda the Boxer said...

I'm detecting a slight handicap for the, shall we say, larger breeds among us for the Catch Me If You Can section. Momma starts huffing and groaning if she tries to pick me up, and I'm very svelte for my breed! Hmmm.... I'll think of something! :D

Sheltie Times said...

Great events.

GOOSE said...

Bawhahhha I am laughin' cuz I am coming up with a plan for MOM to pick me up. Bawhahhha oh this will be fun and funny (for me, not her).

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Shiloh here = Oh I wood haf sum GTREAT picz tu show fur the Cross Neighborhood Walkabout - I haf even dug tue git out of our fence BUTT mom wuz more worried 'boutz me not gittin'hurt frum all the bizy streetz I crossed an'didn't git no pikchurz. I know I haf a good pikchure of me counter-surfin'an of course I haf a purty good yawn pikchure or tue. An'of course both me an'Shasta haf diggin'pikchurz - oh there iz just way so much tue due - egspeshally with the cat's Olympicz now tue. Guess that meanz I best b nise tue them (fur a change).
The Shiloh-Meister (my o-fish-al name fur the Olympicz)

Sagira said...

holy cow, this is going to be HUGE!

Two French Bulldogs said...

These Olympics are going to rock!
Benny & Lily