Friday, May 4, 2012


Day One events- Weinermobile One made its appointed rounds and picked up the Florida contingent, the SC and NC contingents, and the Ohio contingents. Our friends from Texas arrived safe and sound, as did the White Dog Army and the Slimmer Pugs from Kansas in their Ford Fiesta.  Weiner Two broke down, forcing Benny and Lily to arrive in the Pumpkin carriage.  Puddles is right now doing aerial acrobatics in Shilo's  Sopwith Camel, and she is NOT wearing a parachute- we guess that chandeliers have lost thier interest for our Mighty HUntress.  The steaks and ground hog kebabs are on the barbie, and the beer is flowing, as are the Cheetohs.  More guests are arriving every our and Dad is having the time of his life showing off his indoor and outdoor train layouts- ERNIE has been put in charge of the outdoor train! Only one chandelier has met with an unfortunate accident- the ceiling plaster collapsed- no one was hurt, but then no one was using it either!  Will have to have Blogville PD on the case.  Nina is working on her tan by the pool, with the ladies.  We will be partyng on through till Monday, so if you missed today, plenty of time to pawty! Tonight, Shiloh and Shasta will be shooting off fireworks from their Sopwith Camels- we hear that Puddles will be helping!


3 doxies said...

Wooooooohoooooo....NOWS DAT was fun! I thinks I needs a plane nows. I hopes I not skeeres nobuddy withs all them dives I was doin'.
I be a litttle hungries nows, is my Geoff almost done grillin"? Wells, I jsut has me anudder beer whiles I wait.
Nona looks most fab in her baffin' suit. Her reallies don't look as old as her says her is.


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Mr. Geoff... MISTER GEOFF... would you PLEASE tell ERNIE that he HAS to get away from the outdoor train and go "VISIT A TREE" he is all wound up and won't lissen to ME (Frankie Furter) his BOSS. He is gonna burst his bladder if he doesn't go pee.

AND you gotta tell him that he CAN NOT SLEEP on the train tonight. OK

GOOSE said...

Is that Hog-Kabo done yet????? Puddles oh Puddles. Anyone seen Puddles I got somethin' to tell that mad skills huntress. Has anyone seen my beer? Oh there it is. Hey where is my stick? I'm next on the train. woo woo.

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

OH! Wesa havin' a blast...except...we thinks somebody tried to flush something down the toilet...Mr. Geoff you might want to head toward the flooded area STAT!!
Much Luvums,
The Slimmer Puggums
George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

PS: Dat steak was yummilicious...Thanks so much for not being stingy Mr. Geoff and letting us have one steak each unlike our stingy mamas and daddy mans!!

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

MISS PUDDLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS - are u dun with the plane yet? We need tu git up there ASAO an'finish shootin'off all theze firewerkz. We wanna send up enuf purty firewerkz that Angel Ginger and Angel April knowz we iz havin'a great time here BUTT we shure du miss'em an'wish they were here with us. We Beaglebratz think we shood dedicate this pawty tu them an'all our Angel furriendz up there with'em.
Shiloh'n Shasta

Amber DaWeenie said...

UhOh....Me just discovered dat me can't swim! Maybees me should try da chandelier swinging since Puddles has a new pastime! Me needs a helmet!

bichonpawz said...

This party is SO GREAT!!! Anybody lookin' for us can find us by the pool sippin' our umbrella drinks with Benny and Lily!! We are waiting on the Groundhog kebabs and fireworks!!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Unknown said...

Oh yeah! Think I will hold a burping contest while drinking beer! I am doing a great job at that! I am just having the time of my life with all my friends here! far as that chandelier goes.......could swinging a baseball bat have done that? But I really don't know nottin!!! I am off for a train ride now, hope I get to be the engineer!
Lovies, Miss Mindy

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Woo Hoo - it sure sounds like you are all having a great time - enjoy!!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Woos - Phantom,Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Ziggy Stardust said...

Hi I just stopped by for some PAWTY!!! Yummy that grill food smells so good, I can't wait. I am kind of scared of Puddles right now, I hope she doesn't have too much beer and start eating gues...Puddles, hi, I was just thinking about you...I have to go, see you later. I have to go now, thanks for the treats.

Loveys Sasha

Lovable Lily said...

Muffin and I are here also for the pawty fun.

Let's boogie on down and dance the night away!

Lily Belle