Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday- DWM family update

A week from today, Blogvile's own World's Greatest Quilter arrives for the weekend!  She and WHN will be attending a two day machine embroidery seminar and keeping the DWM and Dad sane!  

Last night we had to take Dad to the ER- he woke with a very rapid heartbeat and rapidly rising blood pressure- We had to stay in the car (NO FAIR) while WHN dealt with the intake people and all the other stuffs.  Dad is ok though- his thyroid is a bit wonky, and he was released and he saw his regular doctor later this morning.  He has a bad sinus infection and goes back in a month to have his thyroid re tested.  Our doctor thinks the thyroid is acting up due to the stress of being unemployed for so long and Ginger's death last week was the last straw.  He is busy napping right now, with two nurses waiting on him paw and paw- the beautiful Anna Rose and Tasha!  Last night after we finally got home, Dad was snoring and Anna Rose joined in on the fun, just like Ginger did!  He admitted to WHN that he had been trying to be strong for her so that she could lean on him, and she yelled at him and told him to start leaning on her!  Parents!  What would we do without them?  

WHN would like to thank everyone in BLogville again for all of their kind words, cards and emails during this past week.  Yesterday was the first day that she could look at Ginger's photo on the blog without crying or breaking down and she could also start talking about her without crying. 


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD OMD Miss Agnes and Mr. Geoff, I am so very much sorry about the emergency room visit. I am glad that the PATIENT is resting with TWO very good nurses.

I know that your "company" is gonna have a BLAST with all of you.

Finn said...

Sorry to hear about Ginger - hope you are feeling a little bit better and hope Dad is doing better too!

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Oh dear - thoze pawrentz sumtimez - can't livez with'em an'can't livez without'em. Sorry your dad ened up in the ER BUTT super happeee tu hear he iz home with Anna Rose an'Miss Tasha tu look after him. (Shiloh sez - didn't know Miss Tasha wuz such a good nurse - may-b she can come here tu Kansas if I ever need a nurse). Bet u iz really lookin'ferward tu your company.
Shiloh'n Shasta

Millie and Walter said...

OMG! So sorry to hear Geoff is not well. I hope my upcoming visit isn't stressing Geoff out any. I would hate to be adding to any anxiety he's been having. I know how being unemployed can have that effect on you and then losing Ginger so suddenly sure wasn't good either.

I am excited for my visit and I'm also glad to hear Geoff and Anna Rose snore so I won't be the only one in the house doing it! Get your ear plugs ready!

See you in 1 WEEK!!!!

Cindy aka WGQ

A MilShelb Mom said...

Oh goodness! We are so glad your dad is ok!!
~Milly and Shelby

Kari in Alaska said...

THank GOODNESS there are such nurses at home to take care of them

Stop on by for a visit

White Dog Blog said...

Your family has been through so much! We send White Dog staying healthy energies to dad and positive thoughts to all of you. Strength and peace from the White Dog Army

Bassetmomma said...

I'm so sorry once again about Ginger and I sure hope your Dad's okay and get some much needed rest. he has two very good nurses. Enjoy your company!

3 doxies said...

What da heck???? MY Geoff hads to go to da ER? Oh my goodnesses, I is so very sorries. I knows he'll be betters real soon cuz he just has to cuz he has da bestest nurses around. You tells him I is thinkin' of him.
And we have been thinkin' of all of you durin' dis time withs Ginger's passin'. I hopes da pain will get easier in time.


Unknown said...

I know yall are wonderful nurses, anyone would be lucky to have yall. I hope he feels better soon and again we are so sorry about Ginger but our Fred is over the bridge and he will show her the ropes :)

Sagira said...

I bet they are going to have so much fun! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Glad dad is feeling better. :)