Friday, February 10, 2012

Mr. Chewy Review

Back in January, What's Her Name was emailed by the Mr. Chewy company to review their pet food service and options.  Now, of course, she failed to take any photos, claiming that she was busy with other stuff for the DWM!  

Anyway, WHN went to to see what brands were available and if the brands that she preferred for us  were included and found that Nature's Variety Instinct and BilJac were!  She was so happy- she wanted to put Chip and Tasha back on the grain and gluten free kibble, and so she ordered two 4.4 lb bags of Nature's Variety Instinct- the duck and turkey and the beef.  Then she ordered us the 6lb Bil Jac and to round out the order, a box of Nature's Variety chicken dog biscuits.  NO SALES TAX and since the order was over 49.00, NO SHIPPING!  The prices were comparable to what Pet Supplies Plus charges (PetSmart does not carry NV), but if you include the no sales tax and free shipping, financially Mr. Chewy is the better bargain!   Best of all, the food was delivered by Fedex on a SATURDAY!.  What's Her Name immediately set up a delivery schedule so that we don't run out of food and starve because she fell down on the job again- Now, she doesn't have to wait for Dad to take her to the store with us and do all of the heavy lifting, but sits at home eating bon bons while Mr. Chewy does all the work for her!  On March 14th, our next delivery is due!  Even better, Mom can control the spending- she can easily keep track of what we need and not overbuy at the stores when she takes us!  Now, if they only carried Anna Rose's prescription diet!  (That will come in time- Mr. Chewy does carry Royal Canin and Science Diet prescription dog and cat formulas- just not the one that Anna Rose needs)  Lastly, sine we are a one car family, the delivery service is fantastic- when Dad goes back to work and has the car all day, Mom doesn't have to worry about getting out to the store to get our foodables!

We love Mr. Chewy!  Thank you for making us so happy!  

Mr. Chewy also has a referral service- a free code which will give all new customers 10% off of their first order, and will also includ a 10% donation to several pet charities, such as the North Shore Animal League and Bide a Wee.  Our code, which anyone may freely use, is DACH2641.


HH and The Boys said...

Mr. Chewy is great.... Thanks for the review.

pawhugs, Max

Millie and Walter said...

Nina won the giveaway that Wyatt had and we got a whole bunch of treats for her. I plan on doing a post about it soon.


Dachshund Nola said...

I loved Mr. Chewy
Dachshund Nola
P.S. I've tagged you

rottrover said...

We loves Mr. Chewy, too!!

-Bart and Ruby

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I am so very much GLAD that you found Mr. Chewy to be a grrrrreat "GUY". I did Too!! I liked it fur all the reasons you listed.. and if you ever have to call them... POOF! Instant.. REAL PEEP on the phone.. and so very much NICE and HELPFUL to talk with.
I agree.. Mr. Chewy is keeping MANY of us... from STARVING. hehehe AS IF.

Sagira said...

We just placed our first order with them tonight. Can't wait for the goodies to arrive.

Mom also emailed to see if her rescue can be added to the rescues they work with. :)