Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We have FLEAS!!!!!!

What's Her Name has been her usual dithery self about us- especially Chip as he had an allergic reaction to rust in the grass and has been taking medication for it.  Since he was still itching like crazy, on a very strong medicine, WHN asked about what else it could be when she and Dad took us to the vet for our monthly pickup of yummy prescription foodables and our meds.  Can you imagine the look on her face when fleas was the diagnosis! She bought flea combs and Capstar and Frontline for us and we had to take the pills, have a bath in the blue colored Dawn dishwashing liquid and then get the Frontline this morning.  WHN and Dad stripped their bed again and washed all of ours too in hot water, to get rid of the fleas.  Then Thai's bed room carriage had to be scrubbed, as well as our collars and harnesses.  Great fun watching WHN run around like a chicken with its head cut off. 

All of this started yesterday morning around 2:30, when Tasha would not stop scratching- WHN gave her a bath, but even that didn't help.  Then Chip wouldn't stop either so he had an early morning dunk.  Both had their second bath of the day after returning from the vet outing.  That was when WHN found the fleas on Ginger and Thai- what a mess!  This morning, Chip wouldn't stop scratching and had actually cut himself, so into the bath he went again- no fleas, so hopefully he was just scratching their bite marks.  hopefully the Frontline will work.

WHN realized the cause of the flea infestation- the cancelled lawn service would spray and fertilize with a product designed to keep ticks and fleas away for us, and it had to be cancelled when Dad was laid off in August.  WHN will be reinstating that treatment asap!

Pleasae pray for Dad- he is attending a day long seminar so he can become a student teacher in Medina.  This great idea was from the Mom of the Mayor of Blogville!


Parsley said...

Fleas are so hard to fight! Best of luck!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Paws crossed for Dad. Things will get better soon!

Our "bug man" just left from doing the "every 8 week" spraying of the dog area of the yard. We also had a flea problem until we hired a company to spray. Then the fleas magically disappeared along with all the other backyard Florida bugs. Thankfully we don't have to use any chemicals on the dogs.

Unknown said...

Our mom is praying for your Dad and we hope he gets the student teacher job. Sorry about the fleas!

Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

Kerri said...

Fleas were, for some reason, not very fond of my late Minnie, even when she summered with her grandparents in the WV country. (Now, the doxie-before-her, Scrappy, they looooved.) One night, in my condo, she just could not get comfortable and get to sleep, which was very, very unusual for her. I figured out we had a flea issue, though no idea how. I picked up some flea bombs in the morning and set them off while she and I ran errands and gave them time to do their thing. She got a bath and stuff got washed and, thankfully, that was all it took.