Saturday, October 22, 2011

Here She Is- Miss Anna Rose!

 Here is the newest member of the DWM- Anna Rose!  A beautiful black and tan dappled long fur! She has some health issues, primarily kidney stones (which can only be treated by diet according to the vet) .  Anna Banana, as WHN insists on calling her, joined the pack this morning.  She fits in perfectly and has already been to PetSmart and Pet Supplies Plus!  Please keep her in your prayers- she is not eating since her dental on Thursday and Dr. Parker does not want to give her any vaccinations until she does start eating!  (She licked a piece of cheese and piece of her canned special diet, but that is all- She is drinking!)

WHN thinks she looks like a long furred version of Madame Penny Furter!
Dad, Anna Rose and Tasha


Two French Bulldogs said...

poor baby..we always hear bad stories about dental exams or teeth cleaning
Benny & Lily

Frankie Furter said...

Welcome to Blogville, Miss Anna Rose. You are gonna have a BLAST here. Lots to see and do and stuffs like that. AND FURENDS... You will have SOOOOO many FURENDS.

Glad to meet you Anna BANDANA Rose.

PeeS... Just be glad that WHN didn't decide to call you Nosey Rosey. I'm just sayin!!!

Ruby and Penny said...

Oooh. What a sweetie you are. Nice to meet you Anna Rose.
From your twin in Canada and her sister, Love Penny & Ruby

Kari in Vegas said...

Welcome Miss Anna Rose!

Stop on by for a visit

Doxie Rod said...

she is just gorgeous! love the coloring.

Shane Kent Louis said...

Welcome to Blog ville Ms. Rose,and I hope you will enjoy sharing your daily lives with your Family!

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