Friday, September 2, 2011

Life is CRAZY!

Dad has been laid off for two weeks now and it is fun to have him home! Obviously he hates being home and not at work, but he is looking everyday and applying for jobs. The Mayor's Mom has been a great help to What's Her Name and Dad- Dad is applying to be a substitute teacher! All because Frankie's Mom called and gave some great advice!

Tasha, Queen of the Stuffed Squeaky Toys (TQSST) has Dad wrapped around all four paws!   She follows him  all over and sleeps on the couch curled up  resting her snoot on Dad.  She sleeps with him in the Big Bed and protects him from all enemies.  WHN thinks Tasha is keeping Dad safe and sane while he looks for a job.

Yesterday was a horrid day- We had to go to the VET!  Chip has been itching and cleaning himself in the manly area and his skin was rubbed raw, so WHN booked an appointment.  Ginger has been regurgitating bile so off she went too.  Tasha and Thai (T and T) came along for the ride.  A sample had to be collected from Chip, but NOOOOO!  Mom chased him all over with a ziploc bag and had to wait till we arrived at the chamber of horrors to finally get it.  the urinalysis results will be back today.  Chip has to wear a cone of shame, which we all know he hates, and is on two medicines!  Ginger has to take Pepcid for a couple of days till her tummy settles down- the stress has taken a toll on her.  Dad supervised WHN, since she gets upset when we get sick.  (She can be so embarrassing in public!) We HAD to go to PetSmart for treats to help us recover from the chamber of horrors- what a squish Mom is!  Dad is doing great though- he pushed us around in a cart while Mom had Thai and we got lots of petting and love from strangers- we are always popular when we arrive!. 

This weekend, Dad will be fixing the front step (we hope) and clearing out the garage and we will be helping in the garden, harvesting the last tomatoes and ripping out the remaining vines for next years garden. We heard that WHN is going to  have an even bigger garden and learn to can!

Since Dad needs the computer most days, our blogging will be reduced  but we will still be here! There will be photos of the Cone of shame!


Amber DaWeenie said...

Hopes dat every buddy is all back to normal soon. It's not fun to not feel well.

Wyatt said...

It must be nice having your Dad around :) Sounds like he is keeping plenty busy. Have fun with the tomato harvest, thats what we are doing this weekend..making soup and salsa.

Wyatt and Stanzie

Karli the Naked Wiener said...

Hi everyone!

I love your blog. WHN is a lot like my momma.

Your friend,

Karli the Naked Wiener

Karli the Naked Wiener said...

I love your blog. WHN sounds like my momma!


Karli the Naked Wiener