Friday, April 15, 2011

What's Her Name is OUT OF CONTROL!

We just about sruvived the most awful week imaginable (well, except for the A Salt and Bunnery that His Mayoralness endured-  those rodents, how dare they!)

Grandma arrived safe and sound and stayed till last MOnday.  We were having a great time getting to know her too.  BUT.......  What's Her Name got very sick Saturday morning and DID NOT TELL Dad or Grandma until the very last minute- she did not want to ruin Dad's big day so she tried to gut it out.  It worked fine during the brunch but right before the Exemplification Mass- SHE FAINTED!  Grandma was already in the church and when Mom came to, she was crying so hard about ruining everything for them.  She begged everyon NOT to say anything to Grandma until after Mass.  An ambulance took her to the nearest hospital, and she was found to have low blood pressure and to be anemic and was released after only a couple of hours.  Grandma and Dad met her at the emergency room after Mass, which is what Mom wanted.  They took her home and everything was ok.  BUT......  On Sunday, Mom was still not feeling too well, and almost pased out again.  Dad called her bariatric emergency nurse and was told to get her to the hospital right away!  We stayed with Grandma while Dad took MOm back to CLeveland.  Mom was worried about Dad and Grandma since Grandma had to fly home the next day!  She only let Dad stay at the ER till 9 or so- he had to get home to us and Grandma and get some dinner (Mom is very silly sometimes)  Mom did't get to her room until 3:30 the next morning.  She had another EGD to see if there was bleeding where she had the surgery three weeks earlier and there wasn't any, but her blood pressure was very low.  On WEdnesday she had a colonoscopy and there wan't anything wrong and the bleeding seemed to have stopped on its own. She came home Wdnesday afternoon, and slept most of the day yesterday. We have not let her out of our sight at all! 

Obviously, Mom needs lots of dachsies with moxie to look after her- she simply cannot take care of herself at all! 


Karen said...

Oh Agnes, hope you're feeling much better

Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh No...I am so sorry to be hearin' this news. Pleeze take care of her and tell her I's sendin' hugs from Florida!

Emma Rose said...

We are sending prayers for a quick and complete recovery!

Emma Rose

Gloria said...

Sure hope you are feeling better by now!

Lacy said...

w00fs, hope she is feeling a lot better now..

b safe,