Friday, April 1, 2011

Regina Ann McKenna 16 May 1928 - 31 March 2010

Yesterday was the first anniversary of the death of What's Her Name's godmother and aunt.  (SHe was also her mom's identical twin)  She was a large part of WHN's life growing up and as an adult, and she loved Dad- He called Aunt Regina and Grandma "The Twin Set" and they loved that nickname.  So much so, that after WHN and Dad were married in 2001 (this is a picture from their honeymoon in Myrtke Beach, SC), they conspired to make WHN's life miserable- telling all and sundry that Dad married WHN to be related to them!  Ginger actually got to meet her before she died, in November 2008, and we all went down to SC in February 2010 so that Mom and Dad could see her one more time.  Aunt Regina was a great lady, and set a world record for hospice care- 15 months of at home hospice care and then three mnths in the hospice itself.  She is greatly mourned and missed.

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Benny and Lily said...

Nice story.. Memories are good
Benny & Lily