Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back from our road trip!

We actually returned on Sunday, having endured the horrors of a king sized bed at our hotel in Willard.  We endured the indignities that this presented and allowed What's Her Name to sleep in the bed with us.  Dad of course stayed very close to us.  We are thinking of ways to raise money for the purchase of a king sized bed for us- it will probably have to be set up in the living room or the dining room, for our convenience!

We sent What's Her Name out to do our Valentine's Day shopping- Dad received a Panda pillow Pet from us (WalMart was out of the dog!)  He also received three dachshund cards!  What's Her Name received our thanks for being allowed to do our shopping for us!

We are fully unpacked and even had another adventure today!  We had to take Dad to the airport in Cleveland, since he has to be in FLorida for the rest of the week!  None of us have been to an airport before and it was wild!  Dad was glad we went- flying makes him nervous and our presence made him feel better about abandoing us and not taking us to Florida, where it is warm!  Now, we are stuck with What's Her Name for the week!

Lat night we watched Westminster and again saw the BLATANT discrimination against Dachshunds!  The mini wire fur made it to the cut, but did not place.  The two standards didn't even make the final cut- We find that the judges are blind and have no idea what they are doing- NO DACHSHUNDS in the HOUND GROUP FINALS? 

Anyway, we have to get some snoozies in- What's Her Name has a therapist coming over to show her how to use her sleep apnea machine again!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Glad that you got home and managed to survive the trials of the KING Sized bed. Shudder

sorry you had to send your dad to the warm... SNOWLESS place.

REST/NAP well my furends.

Jenner said...

Welcome back! We were disapointed that the Mini Dachshund didn't win Best of Group too.

Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

The weenie dogs of da world should all gets togedder and protest. Not fairs. Jus for dat, I'm not watching anymore of dat ting!

Welcomes back from your road trip.