Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa Paws!!!!

This is the Dachsies With Moxie pack- even MOM!

Chip telling Santa and Dad what he wants

Thai's First Christmas with us!

Ginger telling Santa what she really wants!

Saturday, What's her Name and Dad took us to see Santa Paws!  Thai dressed up like the great man himself, even outshining him to such a degree that his photo had to be retaken!  Ginger and Chip were old hands at this, since they went through it last year, which was Chip's first Christmas with us.  This year, it is Thai's first Christmas!  Then, we had a snackielicious treat at McDonald's before we had What's Her Name and Dad take us Christmas shopping- we had to pick up Dad's gifts from us before Mom forgot (or before another snow stomr hit)  We had saved up over 87 million green papers for these gifts too-  we have a very stingy allowance.  Then we went home and guarded these gifts while we were cruelly abandoned so our pawrents could do some more shopping at WalMart.

Sunday was ho hum- Ginger peed under the tree again, and Dad was not happy- he had to take apart his layout and move the tree so the bed sheet could get washed again.  Then Mom and Dad went into the crawl space to find MORE Christmas stuff and then they put it on the tree- now they have to find the star.  Thai has his own orament- a glass dachshund from Target.  We also had to go out and get gas in the car and to the library so Mom could get her book- the last book of the Twilight series.  Mom is weird- she LOVES vampire, werewolf and zombie movies! (more on this later)

Today, while the 87 feet of snow hit Ohio (pray for Frankie- too many snow man poops are coming down and he is getting more than we are), Mom is going to do laundry, wrap our gifts for Dad and finally write out their Christmas cards!  Hopefully Dad will be home soon- a train derailed again at the Willard hump yard and he had to go out even earlier than usual in the snow storm. 

Back to Mom- she read the entire book in one day- 756 pages long!  Yes, Mom is a super reader, but when she really gets into something like this, she just reads up a storm- took her till 11 PM last night (she started at 1:30 in the afternoon, and folded laundry and helped Dad too). 

Anyway,  Mom got hurt a long time ago, when she was 14, and this has always made her very unhappy. She was watching the Twilight movies last week (her BFF has been bugging her to watch them and read the books) and she started to cry and could not stop Thursday and Friday.  It was very weird for us- she was so unhappy and none of us could fix it for her, not even Dad.  She even started to write down what was making her unhappy and she gave it to Dad to read Saturday, and Mom started to cry even more.  See, the movies and books triggered the memories of what happened when she got hurt, even some she had not remembered all these years, and she and Dad talked all weekend.  She had a lot of hurt and anger to talk about and how she felt like used goods, and about how her world had been shattered and only Dad had ever made her feel special and like a lady.  (Dad knew most of this anyway- )  It's one of the reasons she won't have anything to do with her brothers and sisters-   Mom has been seeing doctors for several years now and it has helped, but this Twilight stuff really made a difference for her this last weekend.  She didn't have any nightmares Saturday or Sunday either.  She told Dad he was very much like Edward AND Jacob, but without being a vampire or werewolf, and he knew what she meant.  See, when Mom gets depressed, she cries a lot, and tries to hide it from Dad, like she did Thrusday and Friday, but he always knows.  She said having us around all day helps even more- we lick away her tears and keep her warm and afe- especially Chip.  When Mom cries, he gets very protective, just like Jacob!  Anyway- that's what has been bothering Mom - it doesn't happen every week, but when her depression hits, it comes out of nowhere now and can last a long time.  Don't worry- she has been getting better- she is not taking medicine either, and she is starting to heal -  She had thought she was over this, but the saga triggered something buried very deep down and made her face up to it so she could put it to rest once and for all. 


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Oh your visit with Santa Paws pics are just wonderful.
I got snow lucky... it rained here furst so all the OLD snow melted and I only have 3 inches of new snow today!! Butt that is bad enough. brrrrrr is it ever cold.
I am sorry that your mom remembered some bad stuffs, butt sometimes that is the bestest way to furget the stuffs FUREVER!!!!
I am really glad that your dad was there to make her feel better. That is kinda like the bestest of all Christmas pressies, don't you think???

3 doxies said...

Awwwwe...I loves your Christmas fotos withs da whole pack...and Santa!

Nows, lets get down to business withs your mom. Depression is serious but sooooooo very common and it can be scary...especially when it just hits ya fur no reason. My mum knows ALL bouts dis so we totally get dis and understand what her is going through. Nows, please give her a hug from all of us and tells her we are thinking of will get betters.


Agnes B. Bullock said...

Thank you Puddles and Frankie- what would our Mom do without you?

Unknown said...

I just loved seeing all of your fotos with Santa! They are even more special, since it was a Family Foto with da Ol Saint Nick!

Give you mom a big hug......we are so sorry her was having such a difficult time, butt we are glad to hear her was able to talk it all out with your dad!