Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MORE SNOW and MORE MAIL (for us)

The flakey things are still coming down- so much so that we have over a foot of snow!  Mom had to head back our (yes, we had to kick her out of the house) to shovel out our lawn and the stairs and driveway again.  Thai and Chip ventured out to snoopervise, and follwed in What's Her Name's wake as she shovelled a pathway.  The snow on the driveway came over Thai's back, and that is the snow that fell since yesterday when it was shovelled by What's Her Name!  Ginger stayed safely inside, toasty warm, laughing at us!

FYI- card count- DWM received 7 cards in the mail yesterday.  The total is now 20 to 0!


Wyatt said...

We are getting lots of holiday cards too, including your lovely card!
We did not get any snow though, can we have some of yours? :)

Wyatt and Stanzie

Wyatt said...

We are getting lots of holiday cards too, including your lovely card!
We did not receive any snow though. Can you send us some of yours? :)

Wyatt and Stanzie

Frankie Furter said...

OH THANK YOU THANK YOU fur the GRRRRREAT pressie package!! I threw a FIT and finally mom let me have my stuffs. It is ALL very much WONDERFUL. EVEN the Snowman. hehehe
I had mom fix up the Girrrl's thingy and she will take it to the PO tomorrow. I don't know fur sure what is in there... butt I know they will LOVE IT.
Hey have you been to Wyatt's blog yet??? he has a big favor to ask all the Blogville residents.
I don't have nearly the amount of snow that you do. Here we had about and inch AGAIN this mornin. It is starting to build up, butt I can still see some grass sticking out. That just MIGHT be gonna change on Friday and again on Sunday. I hope not.
PeeS... When mom is at the PO tomorrow she will be sending something fur your DAD.
Mom watched Donavan's Reef last night... she thought of all of you when the Christmas Box was opened by Boats Gillhooley... WHOOOOOOOOO WhOOOOOOOOOOO
Thank you again fur the wonderful pressies.